room acocustics

  1. A

    What is the target frequency response/curve of a well treated room?

    Hi. I have seen many posts and articles where they show how to analyze and get flat response curves for speakers. However, none of them show how the frequency response of a well treated room looks like. Then I found this video: And from what I understand is that, flat frequency response studio...
  2. Ragapower

    My Room Acoustics

    Hello friends, First of all, this is my first post in this great community, so treat me with love. I have started, so to speak, in this world of looking for good sound, I have gotten a couple of equipment to get started, I have some JBL Stage A130, Ampli Fosi Audio BT20A Pro, an IFI Micro iDSD...
  3. D

    Decrease Room Reflections in a Hexagon Room

    First Post on this website, hoping to get some feedback on this. I just bought a house and the middle room was the only room that made sense to turn into an office/studio. I currently have a pair of Yamaha HS-7's and was considering purchasing LP-6's or IN-5 since they claim to work well for...
  4. sigbergaudio

    Alternative perspective on the Harman loudspeaker preference curve.

    Reference: I think this graph is a bit misleading / easy to misunderstand. At a glance it looks like the untrained listeners want +12db in the bass, but that's not really the case. The flat area at 1-10khz for the untrained listeners is actually at +2/+3dB, so the total rise is closer to...
  5. D

    Seeking Advice, help, and interest for Acoustic Treatment of Pentagonal Studio Space

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to the collective expertise of this forum for advice on improving the acoustics of our studio. It's uniquely situated in the heart of Paris, nestled in the second basement of a historic building, and boasts a distinct pentagonal shape. Our budget for acoustic...
  6. B

    Kh 150 + Kh 750 sub room measurements advise

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advice.. I’m a long time recording engineer and musician. I’ve owned a few sets of speakers but I’m coming from a set of jbl Lsr 4300 with the matching sub I’ve used for 11 years. I recently bought the Neumann Kh 150s and Kh 750. With the MA1 system. Because...
  7. Astoneroad

    "Acoustic Fields" on YT does the math

    I just stumbled upon this guy today, although he's been around for a long time. This is his most recent vid. I know that he's selling a product, but he appears to understand the math and physics of room acoustics and how his products work within the numbers. I watched several of his vids in...
  8. O

    Speaker ported vs plugged?

    Hi, got some new speakers in and they came with optional port plugs. I did a very rudimentary experiment to see how they perform with and without the plugs. I plan on investing in REW/Umik in the future but for right now I used a free decibel reader on my IPhone and measured frequencies between...
  9. juliangst

    Absorption of triangular bass traps

    I'm planning to build some bass traps. The rear wall will be treated with about 40cm of glass wool but I want something more attractive for the front wall. I really like the looks of triangular bass traps; they're not as visually intrusive as square bass traps to me. I do all my caculation...
  10. IAtaman

    Question : Is this Room EQ good enough?

    Hello! We have a PC connected to the TV in the living room which we use for streaming and music listening. Using a combination of measurement mic, REW and EQ APO I was able to bring the room FR to the following level. What I don't know is whether this is good enough or not or should I continue...
  11. E

    Is the slope too much for this room.

    I learned here that the inroom response usually slants down, but i feel that this slant down is too much. Any help appreciated. The room has some foam panels that i put, and being a bedroom has a lot of soft furniture.
  12. MajorMajorMajorMajor

    Equipment versus Room/Setup

    Hi All, tl;dr @ bottom I started my hifi journey sometime around 2020 by purchasing a pair of Klipsch bookshelves. As I bought those, I also purchased some room treatment. The room treatment really made a difference in imaging to me, and so did how I placed the speakers on soundstage. Now...
  13. J

    Reflection point for ceiling, Where to place?

    Hello, I was wondering where would I place the panel on the celling, it is a slanted celling which goes (Short to High). How would I calculate the first reflection point, my guess would be between the centre of the listening position and the speakers. Also would the panel be Vertical or...
  14. E

    REW Treated room results

    Just wanted to share my results after correcting the room with REW. Speakers: Sonus Faber Olympica II Integrated Amplifier: Pass Labs - INT -25 Sub Woofer: SVS SB-1000 DAC: Pro-Ject DAC Box S2+ I use Roon to apply the EQ
  15. K

    Advice on acoustic room treatments for home hifi

    Hi, I’m after some advice on potential acoustic treatments for my living room. I’ve made a reasonable investment in my hifi set up over the last few years (mainly Naim) but concerned that room acoustics in my apartment living room is becoming quite a limiting factor. Room is 5.5m x3.8m...
  16. Mehdiem

    KEF LS50 and Sub Optimization?

    I have been experimenting with my LS50 and Sub KEF Q400 for several years, and still cannot find the optimal sweet spot for crossover and sub volume. The issue is that I find a good setting based on one song and album (let's say Diana Krall - Wonderful) but later when I listen to another album...
  17. J

    Which measurement microphone to choose for measuring and calibrating rooms?

    Hi! I have been doing some research on some measurement mics and have been interested in 4: dbx RTA-M Behringer ECM 8000 Dayton emm-6 Presonus PRM 1 My question is: Which one is the best for measuring rooms (home studios mainly) and calibrating studio monitors?
  18. D

    Genelec 8030 Pair sounding bad in my room, better HiFi speaker alternatives?

    I got these when I was doing a lot of critical listening in a treated area and they sounded great, but these days I don't find myself doing any critical listening as I've changed jobs. Wanting to sell the Genelec pair and get some speakers that would sound great in a relatively untreated room...
  19. Le Concombre

    Target Curves, should What You See be What You Get?

    Puzzled by the Harman Curve presented here : and attached in a smoothed version here, I have aligned the Time Windowed Vector Average of a bunch of measurements one can make in REW to this 16 dB wide sinuous Harman...
  20. S

    Does a speaker sound brighter or darker in a "large" room?

    How was your experience? I saw a pro-audio document saying that loudspeakers sound brighter in a large room (large in the sense of pro-audio world, a room that can hold 200 or less people is called a "small room"), because the listeners hear more reflected sound. This is a part of Gold Line...
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