neumann kh150

  1. B

    Kh 150 + Kh 750 sub room measurements advise

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advice.. I’m a long time recording engineer and musician. I’ve owned a few sets of speakers but I’m coming from a set of jbl Lsr 4300 with the matching sub I’ve used for 11 years. I recently bought the Neumann Kh 150s and Kh 750. With the MA1 system. Because...
  2. Some Luck

    Is Bigger always better?

    First post here, but I have been an admirer of the forum for a while, and have been scouring it for it's reviews on Genelecs and Neumanns! I'm a music a producer/mixer (RNB/Bass heavy music) and I'm looking for a new pair of monitors. I have a very small room (2.28mX3mX3m), that is moderatley...
  3. P

    Upgrading from HS7

    Hello everyone! Great to be a part of this forum . I have recently fully treated my room and am finally ready to upgrade my monitors (I didn’t want to change monitoring before treating my room). I have a budget of £2.5k ish and am torn between: 1. Neumann KH150 (new) 2. Neumann KH310 (used...
  4. J

    Contributors welcome! Open Source Python Client for Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol (SSC)

    Disclaimer: I am marked as a "manufacturer" in this Forum because I happen to work for a Pro Audio Company. This project however is a private project of mine. None of the things I write in this thread or in the repository represent opinions or statements other than my own. I am looking for...
  5. B

    Monitors for film/TV scoring

    Dear friends, I am about to upgrade my old and horrible RP6SE monitors. I am travelling quite often so there is no treated studio in my case but any room available ;) That's why I want to go DSP route with room correction. I work with synths and orchestral scores so genre spectrum is pretty...
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