1. sarumbear

    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    I am considering upgrading a friend's AVR. As an entry level AVR Denon AVR-X3700H seems to be a good choice. The unit has nine amplifiers but my friend's setup is 5.2, hence there will be two redundant channels of amplification. My friend's subwoofers are passive. They are currently run through...
  2. jhenderson0107

    SOLD - Adam Audio Sub 8 (NIB)

    New-in-box Adam Audio Sub8 subwoofer - $500 shipped to CONUS. Tech specs here. Recently received directly from Adam Audio USA. No longer required as I have transitioned to Genelec for my studio.
  3. Mehdiem

    Upgrading Sub from KEF-Q400 to REL T7X, does it make sense?

    I’m wondering if upgrading my sub from KEF Q400 to one of the below candidates would have a noticeable impact on the purpose of music listening? In that case which sub (and size) would you go for? - REL T7X - KEF KC62 - I considered SVS Micro 3000 and loved the app, but I don’t like how it...
  4. A

    Using the "Recording out" on Marantz PM6006UK as a subwoofer input

    Hi, I have a Marantz PM6006UK amp which I love. What I don't have is a sub out. There's an audio out - "Recorder out" on the backside - Is this basically an aux out? Can I connect it to a powered sub's...
  5. J

    Stepping up the game from Jamo A400 Subwoofer

    I currently have a Jamo A400 Subwoofer (A 400 SUB) that came with a kit of speakers ( Since it started humming and the auto on/off no longer works, it's time for an upgrade. The other components (A 402 and A 407) I wish to keep them because of a...
  6. P

    Subwoofer enclosure for two 12" subs 4th order with the port in an isobaric load?

    I'm not sure if I'm wording this correctly... I'm building a box for my manager for his two ds18 exl 12inch 2500watt subs... I've tried googling it, but I can't find any info for using a port in between two subwoofers in a 'parallel isobaric load'? If thats the correct technical definition? I'm...
  7. S

    Recommendation for front firing subwoofer

    I am considering putting a front firing subwoofer *inside* of a media cabinet, paired with bookshelf speakers. I know... it would be better to place the sub in the room, in a corner or near a wall. But... the decision is not only mine. Esthetics are a consideration. (Even so, feel free to tell...
  8. Dogen

    Any experience with Monoprice SSW-12 subwoofer?

    Hi all, I need a subwoofer for my small bedroom (4m x 4m) that can fit under a chest of drawers or under the bed. I came upon this Monoprice SSW-12 low-profile subwoofer. Does anyone have any experience with this line of subs? This is purely for music, and I won’t be trying to shake the rafters...
  9. T

    Subwoofer Placement

    Hello fellow Audiophiles!, I'm new to this forum. I live in a 10x10 room with a 3x3 window and two doors parallel to 2 sides. I want to know which is the best spot to place my Subwoofer as I can't have the full effect of my subs. I use a 2.1 Audio setup. The amplifier is a custom built one, and...
  10. K

    Genelec with external subwoofer

    Hi All, I own a pair of Genelec 8350a, and was thinking of adding a subwoofer. The Genelec subs are quite expensive, and frankly not very attractive in a living room. I connect the genelecs digitally, using a source with AES-EBU signal to speaker A, which then has a digital-thru connection to...
  11. MrPotatoHead

    I built a sub - the Overdrive10

    Over a year ago I posted here that was searching for a design for a DIY sub. There were several great suggestions, but I ended up going with the Overdrive10 designed by @Wolf. It's a bandpass design with a 10-inch Dayton driver and a passive radiator. I bought the hardware a year ago and finally...
  12. Webninja

    [Los Angeles] FS: Monoprice Monolith 13in THX

    It took me years to search and shop for a perfect sub for my home theater. This Monolith 13 THX is insane, the bass output is hard to describe, but I did not follow my own research in the need for at least 2 subs for even bass in a room. This sub is just too big for a multi-purpose living room...
  13. A

    2x Arendal 1723 2s or 2x SVS SB16 Ultra or 2x Emotiva Airmotiv RS13 or....?

    Hello everyone I just can't get any result - thats why I hope someone in here can help :-9 I'm looking for 2 subs that can't be bigger than ABSOLUTESMAX (sizewise) is a SVS SB16 ULTRA - so something like PB16 is eliminated.... for my room, which has a volume of approx. 320m³(7500 kubikfoot), it...
  14. luft262

    Dual SVS SB 3000 or Dual HSU ULS-15 MK 2 For Appropriately Sized Room

    Which set of subwoofers would you choose and why? Thanks!
  15. xtrap225

    impedance question for electronics wizards.

    i am hoping someone with a very good understanding of electronics can answer this for me. i have this AIYIMA A3001 TPA3255 Subwoofer amplifier, and i am wondering if it has intelligence or inherent or otherwise that would prevent you from plugging in a subwoofer wired down to 1ohm. i have...
  16. B

    Drastically diminished subwoofer performance, cant figure out why, please help

    Hello, I recently upgrade my HT setup and moved my old equipment into a computer / game room. After setting everything up I am getting very low amts of bass output from the sub that use to be my main sub for 3 years (and was very happy how it performed) My subwoofer (monoprice monolith 10")...
  17. N

    Klipsch subwoofer when powered on producing 'boo' noises continuously

    Bought from Amazon, and told from an unauthorized dealer and refuse to providesupport. However, customer is following the Kliptch brand name, and from a reputable Amazon platform, - how can customer easily tell which one is authorized, even with trust of Amazon platform, and how can the...
  18. V

    Help with system: Dual Subwoofers, DSP Options, and General Audio Advice

    Hi All, Intro I've been a long time lurker and always check for measurements / reviews on this site & others prior to purchasing any home audio gear. Really appreciate all the work and information this forum provides as it can provide a "reality check" for those emotional / impulsive purchases...
  19. trl

    SVS SB-3000 - inside pics, specs and thoughts

    SVS SB-3000 - inside pics, personal thoughts SB-3000 Subwoofer Owner's Manual, Quick Start Guide and manufacturer specs can help customers in how to properly setup and operate this subwoofer in their homes or studios. I purchased a brand new 13” SB-3000 subwoofer, to replace the 12” SB-1000...
  20. S

    Monolith 13" vs Hsu 15"?

    Thoughts on how these two ported subs stack up against each other? After factoring in shipping and extended warranty from Hsu, the price of these two subs is almost the same--especially if Monoprice has any kind of sale, which apparently is common whereas Hsu never does. Curious what you guys...
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