1. dkinric

    FS: Martin Logan Dynamo 800x sub (2) with Anthem room correction $495 each

    **I have two for sale - special price for buying both!** Subs are in excellent, near perfect condition functionally and cosmetically. Setup for down-firing configuration, these unassuming little grey boxes are only about 13" cu inches can be placed out of the way and fade into any décor. SVS...
  2. A

    Subwoofers and EQ settings?

    I recently bought my first pair of hi-fi speakers, the Adam T5Vs. I saw they are a little bright so I downloaded the EQ settings by @Maiky76 and felt confident that I'd be satisfied with the results. Then I tried them and the mids weren't as clear as I'd expected, game sounds did not sound at...
  3. V

    Automatically turn on a subwoofer that lacks 12V trigger input?

    I'm thinking of buying KEF KC62 for living room. The only concerning issue is that auto-standby of KC62 does not work reliably at low volume. I contacted KEF support, they told me that the feature could be turned off on the latest firmware. I could send KC62 to their service center for updating...
  4. M

    Optimization of 2.2 system with REW measurements

    Hi, Recently I bought a second subwoofer for my stereo setup and I want to ask you about proper measurement process to get things optimized. The setup consists of KEF R3 speakers and two Arendal 1961 1S subs crossed at 80 Hz. Amp is Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 with DSP room correction built in. The...
  5. milosz

    Please suggest a CHEAP used subwoofer to pair with ADS 200 minispeakers

    This is for a secondary music system, a 2.1 system using the ADS 200's. The emphasis is on music, this will not be used for home theater. The ADS 200's are quite good speakers but lack any real low end below maybe 150~200 Hz. They need SOME KIND of sub to bolster their low end even for the...
  6. H

    Change Phase of Sub After Audyssey Calibration?

    Hi everyone - I have a quick-ish question, which might take longer on the answer. In my HT, I have a 7.2.4 setup. I have run and re-run Audyssey calibration a ton of times, moving things around. After calibration, I run REW and check the results. I have noticed that I have 5-10db dips in the...
  7. J

    Opinion - Two older Klipcsh 12" subwoofers or a new RP-1000SW?

    Hi All! I am looking at taking my home theater experience "up a notch" from my old Definitive Tech 8" sub kit sub. I have a medium size room 15x20ish. Shooting for about 400-500 budget. I am trying to decide whether doubling down on two 12" budget friendly subs, or one premium sub like an...
  8. sigbergaudio

    Sigberg Audio Inkognito Generation 2

    The original Inkognito subwoofer launched in 2020, and has received awesome feedback from both customers and reviewers! When it ain't broke you don't fix it, so the improvements are mostly practical in nature. Below is the complete list of enhancements in the second generation compared to the...
  9. O

    Arendal 1723 1S Subwoofer or another model?

    Hello, I would like your advice on which subwoofer to buy to upgrade my system. I'm considering the Arendal 1723 1S, but I'm not sure if I'm making the right choice. What is your opinion? Here’s my system: 2 x Genelec 8040B 1 x Topping Ex5 (To be upgraded to minidsp flex in the near future)...
  10. N

    Hooking Sub to TV - Headphone port....

    Hey, I've been waiting for enough spare disposable income to buy a new surround sound setup for my TV (after my old receiver kacked it years ago), when suddenly it dawned on me that the subwoofer for my old system is active, and I got the idea that maybe I could use it in conjunction with the...
  11. N

    PC speaker and Subwoofer advice

    Hey, I've been using the same $10 PC speaker and 'subwoofer' set on my PC for 20 years. I mostly just use it for playing video games, but lately I've been desiring to hear more bass out of my games. Like, when the ground shakes in a game, it would be cool if I could 'feel' it more. I remember...
  12. W

    Subwoofer feels underwhelming

    For my setup, I'm running my recently-acquired KEF R3 Metas with a WiiM Amp for (mainly electronic) music and home theatre use. And I'm absolutely loving them. Now, subwoofers seem to be very hyped up in the audio community. From what I hear, they're considered to be a must and a game-changer...
  13. 9

    Inside of KEF Kube 10b subwoofer

    Hi all, just got a used KEF Kube 10b. Because its sides are full cloth wrap, I was interested how it looks inside. You can see from the images it's not a standard sub box. Top and bottom panels are removable because of the cloth, and the woofer is installed from inside. The dampening material...
  14. Matias

    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    Just announced. KC92 Subwoofer: £2,499 per piece, MSRP Kube 15 MIE: £1,149 per piece, MSRP Kube 12 MIE: £849 per piece, MSRP Kube 10 MIE: £749 per piece, MSRP Kube 8 MIE: £599 per piece, MSRP
  15. F

    Help choosing a sub to go with Revel M16s (UK)

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy my first subwoofer (other than the one that came with my Harmon Karden Soundsticks 15 years ago). I've got Revel M16s and a Cambridge Audio CXA61, playing mainly through an optical out connection to a wiim mini. I'm based in the UK and was looking to buy a BK...
  16. ENDzZ

    Seek for KRK Monitor Self-Generated Noise Help and Subwoofer Recommendation

    Have met two problems with my home studio monitors, hope somebody can help me out, thanks: 1. The self-generated noise level of my pair of KRK ROKIT 8 G4 is really high. It was so loud that I could hear the noise from the whole room, and couldn't sleep. Have Anyone met the same problem with me...
  17. 2

    Are Monoprice 108248 and AV:Link M8S the same subwoofer?

    The only difference I have been able to find is that the AV:Link has a detachable powercable. Just wanted to know if they are sonically the same?
  18. C

    Added a subwoofer and it changed my high frequency response?

    I moved my subwoofer from my HT to my 2 channel system as an experiment and the rise above 10k Hz is very unexpected (to me). Since I don't have a preamp I used the speaker level connections if that matters, any ideas? Thanks, /Carl
  19. L

    Separate volume control for speakers and sub?

    Hi, I'm going to get some powered bookshelf speakers with subwoofer but I'd like to control the volume separately for the speakers and sub. Is there some pre-amplifier with this option? or passive volume knob controller with two knobs each for speakers and sub separately? Thanks
  20. I

    Edifier MR4 + Sub vs Speaker Upgrade

    Hi everyone, Was reading this forum for a while and recently considered to upgrade my setup as I started to use my desktop more often. I am considering between three options to enhance my desktop setup (laptop + DAC/AMP): A) Buy a subwoofer for my Edifier MR4. B) Buy a bigger speaker i.e. Kali...
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