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Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805


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Mar 4, 2022
Hello good folks,

I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away:

Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo?
And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain?

I guess the answer yes for mid/high and no for sub/low so the follow up question naturally is: How much will i be missing for not having a DSP sub?

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Jan 21, 2020
any germ
The MA1 software does not support the KH805, because it works purely analog and has no DSP. It is therefore invisible to the software, so to speak. You can calibrate the KH150 with the MA1 (without sub). But then you have to integrate and correct the sub with another software. That means you could use a MiniDSP for the sub integration, for example, but you'll have to figure out the parameters (delay and PEQs) yourself.
So overall, the MA1 is not ideal if you have a sub other than the KH750, but there is no other way because the correction is in the KH150 and no signal from them to the sub. This means that the KH805 can not get a corrected signal.
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