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    hello guys I just cane in this groupo and I found a lot of good insights about audio and studio setup, so I am here to ask for support. I have bought a pair of KH120II with MA1 system but I am not able to figure the setup as the MA1 Software is not able to see the monitors. I used a normal...
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    KH80 + MA1 how is software config support so far?

    Looking into using MA1 for more accurate EQ of the KH80 2.0 system. I am concerned if the newest MA1 alignment software has same support as neumann.control APP? There are a number of useful settings: Standby interval standby sensitivity Delay settings If not so, can I hack some binary values...
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    Monitors for film/TV scoring

    Dear friends, I am about to upgrade my old and horrible RP6SE monitors. I am travelling quite often so there is no treated studio in my case but any room available ;) That's why I want to go DSP route with room correction. I work with synths and orchestral scores so genre spectrum is pretty...
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    Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805

    Hello good folks, I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away: Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo? And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain? I guess...
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