dsp monitors

  1. Marc v E

    Best hifi buy vs top of the charts

    Thought I'd do a thread after the comments on the smsl dac that reminded me of a discussion after the minidsp flex. To be specific one on a chart about av interfaces, featuring both AVRs, dsp dacs and the likes of the Nad M33. I remember thinking: that's odd to place the minidsp flex on a chart...
  2. B

    Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805

    Hello good folks, I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away: Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo? And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain? I guess...
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