1. N

    Yet another post about best active speakers for near field listening

    Hello everyone, First of all I want to say that ASR rocks ! I've been reading a lot here and i've learned so many things. It's very pleasant to see how passionate you guys are when talking about audio in general. I'm pretty recent in hi-fi world and i've been recently reading a lot of topics...
  2. artburda

    FS: Neumann NDH 20

    I‘m selling my barely used Neumann NDH 20 headphones for CHF 330.- (around USD 360.-) plus shipping. Bought them in February 2020 and most of the time they have been just laying around in their box. Condition: almost like new, they have one tiny almost invisible scratch, about 0.5mm in size...
  3. dominikz

    Neumann KH 120A - spinorama and misc measurements

    Hello all, This will be a summary of (many :)) measurements I did with the Neumann KH 120A that I recently purchased. The pair were manufactured in 2013 and sport the older, IMO slightly industrial looking finish: A few notes on measurement methodology: The loudspeaker has been measured at...
  4. dominikz

    Impact of door/window position on in-room response

    For a while now I've been noticing that I can get pretty different LF in-room response depending on current room layout and whether doors/windows are open or closed. Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to test a few variants to see what is the impact exactly on both my systems. First the...
  5. Χ

    Genelec 8341A vs Neumann KH80DSP vs KH310A, Impressions and In-Room Measurements

    In the last six months, I swapped four pairs of studio monitors in my study room: the Neumann KH120A, KH310A, KH80DSP, and finally the Genelec 8341A. I wanted to share some of my listening impressions and in-room measurements with those who might be interested in getting one of these speakers...
  6. Χ

    FOR SALE: Neumann KH120 Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Purchased new mid 2020. Like new condition, used in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, no dents, scuffs or anything like that. MSRP today is $1458 for a pair before tax. Asking $850. Shipping to the contiguous U.S. Buyer pays PayPal's 3% fee (or any equivalent) and shipping fee. More pics...
  7. Χ

    For Sale: Neumann KH310 Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Purchased new in November 2020, still under warranty. Like new condition, used in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, no dents, scuffs or anything like that. Asking $3300 shipped in the contiguous U.S. More pics:
  8. Neto Rare

    FS: Neumann KH310 A 3-way Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Less than two months old and barely used. (Date of purchase 12/2020 with original invoice) Includes: Original packaging, manuals, and power cords. Condition: LIKE NEW (no scratches, dents, or scuffs) Shipping and PP fee not included. Available for local pick up in 91367. Pics here: PRICE...
  9. S

    Peer-review: a new "reference" 2.2 speaker setup

    Hello, A few weeks ago I got exciting news - we are getting a new house! (yes it is just like getting one more kid, in many ways) So what does an engineer-audioholic does in such case? Well, gets down to literature, measurements and guidelines to quickly design in a "perfect" listening space...
  10. ichonderoga

    After Neumann KH 310A Review: What to buy?

    I pose you this (not so simple/straitforward) question: Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 or a pair of Neumann KH 310A? BACKSTORY: I have loooong been looking at a Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 combo, but now I'm reconsidering. I'm a big believer in the numbers and measurements this site is...
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