1. Cuckoo Studio

    Neumann NDH 30 Review

    Welcome to Cuckoo Studio review. I'm Anzol, The following content is presented from the perspective of a mixing engineer. If you prefer video version: We have received the NDH 30 sent by Neumann and let's take a comprehensive look at its performance. The NDH 30 is an open-back over-ear...
  2. Matias

    Neumann MT 48

    New interface from Neumann after the Sennheiser group acquired Merging Technologies in 2022. Looks like an interesting all in one with DSP for 1850 USD. Story Website...
  3. M

    Blind Listening Test 2: Neumann KH 80 vs JBL 305p MkII vs Edifier R1280T vs RCF Arya Pro5

    Shortly after completing the first blind listening test, @Inverse_Laplace and I started thinking about all the ways we’d like to improve the rigor and explore other questions. Written summary follows, but here is a video if you prefer that medium: Speakers (calculated preference score in...
  4. C

    Neumann KH 80 DSP to KH 750 Inquiry

    Hey all! SO I have been testing my KH 80 + KH750 combo for the past few weeks now and was wondering if anyone can help me out. Right now, I have removed all profiles and reset each speaker in my system. I currently have both KH 80's unplugged from the network but only have the KH 750 plugged...
  5. M

    Neumann KM184 + SSL2 = weak signal which requires a lot of gain

    I have a Neumann KM184 SDC mic connected to a SSL2 audio interface through a 10 meter Mogami xlr-cable and notice that it requires me to set the gain to about 7-8 out of 10 to land at levels of about -24 to -18 db. Being aware that mic signals are weak but given that the preamp gain of SSL2 is...
  6. B

    Does MA 1 play well with Neumann KH 150 on a non-DSP Neumann KH 805

    Hello good folks, I'm really sorry not to have found something on this and my local shop couldn't help me right away: Will I be able to benefit from using the MA 1 corrections on a KH 805 + 2x KH 150 combo? And should i measure the Tops without the sub or with the sub in the chain? I guess...
  7. B

    Fix Neumann KH 120 a or get new pair of KH 150 a (when i already own a KH 805)

    Hi there, this Morning i walked by my trusted KH120A speakers and noticed a relatively low but noticeable sharp crackling sound coming from the tweeter of my left speaker. I bought the pair in 2013 and had it powered on for 95% of the time as that's what i was recommended in order to avoid...
  8. Neto Rare

    FS: Neumann MA 1 Monitor Alignment Microphone and Calibration System

    This was bundled with my KH80 monitors, but its never been used. Condition: NEW Price: $225 US shipped I accept Paypal F&F or Zelle. My feedbacks:
  9. J

    Focal SM9 vs Neumann HK310

    Hi all, I'm in the market for some second hand speakers. I've heard good things about both the Focal SM9 vs Neumann HK310 but am keen to hear some other opinions to help me decide between them. I produce electronic music with a lot of focus on bass, so obviously this is a major consideration...
  10. N

    Yet another post about best active speakers for near field listening

    Hello everyone, First of all I want to say that ASR rocks ! I've been reading a lot here and i've learned so many things. It's very pleasant to see how passionate you guys are when talking about audio in general. I'm pretty recent in hi-fi world and i've been recently reading a lot of topics...
  11. artburda

    FS: Neumann NDH 20

    I‘m selling my barely used Neumann NDH 20 headphones for CHF 330.- (around USD 360.-) plus shipping. Bought them in February 2020 and most of the time they have been just laying around in their box. Condition: almost like new, they have one tiny almost invisible scratch, about 0.5mm in size...
  12. dominikz

    Neumann KH 120A - spinorama and misc measurements

    Hello all, This will be a summary of (many :)) measurements I did with the Neumann KH 120A that I recently purchased. The pair were manufactured in 2013 and sport the older, IMO slightly industrial looking finish: A few notes on measurement methodology: The loudspeaker has been measured at...
  13. dominikz

    Impact of door/window position on in-room response

    For a while now I've been noticing that I can get pretty different LF in-room response depending on current room layout and whether doors/windows are open or closed. Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to test a few variants to see what is the impact exactly on both my systems. First the...
  14. Χ

    Genelec 8341A vs Neumann KH80DSP vs KH310A, Impressions and In-Room Measurements

    In the last six months, I swapped four pairs of studio monitors in my study room: the Neumann KH120A, KH310A, KH80DSP, and finally the Genelec 8341A. I wanted to share some of my listening impressions and in-room measurements with those who might be interested in getting one of these speakers...
  15. Χ

    FOR SALE: Neumann KH120 Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Purchased new mid 2020. Like new condition, used in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, no dents, scuffs or anything like that. MSRP today is $1458 for a pair before tax. Asking $850. Shipping to the contiguous U.S. Buyer pays PayPal's 3% fee (or any equivalent) and shipping fee. More pics...
  16. Χ

    For Sale: Neumann KH310 Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Purchased new in November 2020, still under warranty. Like new condition, used in a smoke-free, pet-free environment, no dents, scuffs or anything like that. Asking $3300 shipped in the contiguous U.S. More pics:
  17. Neto Rare

    FS: Neumann KH310 A 3-way Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Less than two months old and barely used. (Date of purchase 12/2020 with original invoice) Includes: Original packaging, manuals, and power cords. Condition: LIKE NEW (no scratches, dents, or scuffs) Shipping and PP fee not included. Available for local pick up in 91367. Pics here: PRICE...
  18. S

    Peer-review: a new "reference" 2.2 speaker setup

    Hello, A few weeks ago I got exciting news - we are getting a new house! (yes it is just like getting one more kid, in many ways) So what does an engineer-audioholic does in such case? Well, gets down to literature, measurements and guidelines to quickly design in a "perfect" listening space...
  19. ichonderoga

    After Neumann KH 310A Review: What to buy?

    I pose you this (not so simple/straitforward) question: Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 or a pair of Neumann KH 310A? BACKSTORY: I have loooong been looking at a Benchmark AHB2 + Graham LS5/9 combo, but now I'm reconsidering. I'm a big believer in the numbers and measurements this site is...
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