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Denon x4800h vs marantz cinema 40


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Mar 18, 2022
I've myself lugged around my personal speakers for auditioning and all AVRs sound very different from each other. but some people who can't hear differences assume/argue that others also can't hear differences.
Your perceive things differently , but that’s a mental process not an Aural one

Unless you know both AVRs were level matched and configured identically you can’t be sure .


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Mar 20, 2021

Long time reader, first time post. Yesterday I listened to the Marantz Cinema 40, and 60 vs Denon x4800. Wow I could not believe the difference. The Marantz had so much more warmth and punch to the lower end. I was planning to buy the Denon to save some money, thinking they would be nearly same. So glad I had the chance to experience each of these models. Ok, so here is where I did this. Best Buy Magnolia. Say what you will but this is the only place I'm aware of to easily do this. The store located in Gilbert, AZ (metro Phx) had quite the selection of speakers to also flip between. Kef R3 meta AND the Reference 1. Kef r11, and the most surprising performance to me for the money, the KEF Q950. Also tried the B&W 804 D4, 702 s3, 703 s3 among many others. The difference between the Marantz and Denon was nearly as apparent as the difference between a B&W and KEF speaker. Very big difference. I love the Marantz depth. The Denon felt bright and lacked fullness compared to the Marantz. There was a noticeable yet smaller difference between the Cinema 40 and 60. The 60 was still warmer than the Denon but less punch than the 40. Also went to an independent dealer to listen to Revel F226 and F228. My favorite speaker by far is the F228. I just wish I liked the F226 as much because I would prefer the smaller Revel size. But the fullness of sound is too apparent for me to ignore so I'm hoping to pull the trigger on the F228's.
I noticed it too. I chalked it up to level matching or the Amp Size. It was the same pair of speakers at a magnolia and it was pretty close to ABX’d

Level matching was impossible because it always reset itself but I was able to get someone to help do it blind.

Given the level matching challenges, it’s hard to know. But I did experience what you experienced but I’m uncertain as to why


Nov 14, 2022
Sask. Canada
I went from the 4800 to the Cinema 40 and also like the sound better. It isn’t scientific though so might just be what I want to hear. I do like the style of the Marantz better as well.
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