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Crossover Component Recommendations


Senior Member
Jun 16, 2021
This reminds me of a passive version of the insanely overcomplicated King Roy crossover kit. Also a manufacturer kit. Including the Purifi whitepaper, this makes three manufacturers using sharp high-Q notches outside their crossover range. I can't be sure they're all for the same reason, but I can definitely define a correlation here. Purifi in particular notes the role of impedance here, which we can't see without overlaying the existing drivers in this sim. VCAD doesn't model the impedance of a driver under active equalization, and what I have read about the effect has been conflicting, to say the least. However, the King Roy kit seems to have notches that serve similarly confusing roles in an active format. I'm not an expert, I'm just noticing patterns.

I've also attempted using this methodology in some active simulations and found the results to be rather rewarding. Shaping the driver to be without peaks or dips, level matching, then assigning crossovers based on directivity is a good recipe, if the selected drivers can cooperate in distortion and output.
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