1. M

    Qudelix 5K - DSP and most functions unavailable without BT connection

    Hi there, Sorry if I'm asking something obvious but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. Just received the Qudelix 5K and I am not able to access most functions from the Qudelix mobile app unless it's paired with my phone. I am not intending to use it as a BT amp/DAC with my phone...
  2. T

    SMSL VMV A2 or SMSL SU9+SMSL SA400 - USB chip decoding

    Hi! I'm sorry, the forum has already discussed similar topics, but I could not find a clear answer in any of them. I can't buy another amp besides these (big room, big floor standing speakers, country where these devices are cheaper, usb connection only). So there is: SMSL VMV A2 - XMOS...
  3. V

    USB Audio Issues with DAC8 Pro

    I'm using the USB input to the DAC8 Pro with the normal windows drivers (not ASIO). I can get sound on windows applications but in REW I can't get sound - it says: No input mixers available supporting PCM_SIGNED 48000.0 Hz, 16 bit, stereo, 4 bytes/frame, little-endian I'm also not getting any...
  4. orchardaudio

    FS: Orchard Audio PecanPi USB/SPDIF $500 + Shipping

    This unit has been used for about 1 year, it is in very good condition. See pictures below. If you are interested please send me an email at leo @
  5. DrCWO

    Phono preamp with USB output recommendation

    Hi all, I will soon release a new Roon Extension (part of rooExtend) to playback audio from (hopefully all) USB audio interfaces via Roon and its DSPs. This will also enable playback from a turntable via a phono pre and a USB ADC. I am here to ask you for a recommendation that I can give to my...
  6. PaperBoat

    Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface

    I've some questions about the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface... Can anyone help? Is the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface's main "Monitor knob" done volume control digitally (before the DAC attenuation) OR analogically (after the DAC attenuation) on the 1/4" Line Outputs...
  7. ThatM1key

    What's the best way to plug in a USB DAC?

    I've got a some what simple question, what would be the best way to plug in a USB DAC? My "new" motherboard comes with only USB3.0 ports on the back and I heard if you plug a USB DAC (which is USB 2.0) into a USB 3.0 port on the back, it increases latency. I also heard if you use the USB...
  8. S

    Chord Hugo TT2 USB

    Hi, I am new here. Has anyone measured or compared streamers for a Hugo TT2 USB input which I understand is well engineered. I am running an RPi4 with ropieexl out of one of the 4 RPi USB outputs. Got a better power supply for the RPi4 and it does seem to make some difference although I am...
  9. J

    Help eliminating USB noise from PC to Topping E30

    Hello all, I constantly hear high pitched buzzing and crackling through my headphones when using USB to connect PC to E30 to Schiit Asgard 3. I used to fix this by using optical, but my new motherboard does not have any sort of optical or coax out, only USB. This brings me back to the original...
  10. F

    Looking for am amp up to about £150/$. Sabaj, SMSL & Loxjie look promosing.

    So from reading around the SMSL A100 seems a good bet but have come across a lot of other options but could not find full reviews of them here so wondered if the A100 was what people recommend. I will be using them with Q Acoustic 3020i speakers. A lot of the time I will be using a computer to...
  11. Dilettante

    PCIe USB card with "clean" power

    While trying to figure out the issues with noise on USB bus, I have realised it might be due to the widely reported fucked-up bad implementation of USB on X570/B550 chipsets. After a quick study of what's currently available from various factories in CN, I have narrowed it down to the following...
  12. ThatM1key

    Useful PC Expansion Cards and 5.25 Drive Bay Accessories

    As I gotten a computer job, I've gotten sick of seeing large-case computers with junky RGB fans and expansion cards that should be USB instead like WIFI and DAC's. In this sort of guide, we'll go over actually useful expansion cards that won't waste your precious slots and yes even 5.25 bays...
  13. momonone

    Mogami usb cable?

    Hi all, want to ask which of the Mogami cable best for usb cable (DAC)?
  14. morsecypher

    Converting USB or HDMI audio to optical

    Until recently I had a PC with sound card with optical audio-out, which I had connected to optical-in on my stereo amp. Now I have a mini-PC with 4 USB and 2 HDMI ports. It seems that I have two ways to get optical audio to my amp. First is to use my Grundig GFW6740 TV (HDMI out on the PC =>...
  15. VintageFlanker

    PHIREE U2S 2019 & Douk Audio U2 Review and Measurements (Digital USB to S/PDIF Interfaces)

    PHIREE U2S 2019 & Douk Audio U2 Review and Measurements (Digital USB to S/PDIF Interfaces) Update March 2022: Added comparison with the Douk Audio U2. Here is a quick review of the PHIREE U2S 2019 digital interface. This is basically some USB to S/PDIF converter that allows you to get USB...
  16. H

    Best way to go: Pioneer N50A Streamer/DAC cabling issue (USB length vs. LAN)

    Hello together, I'm a (proud) owner of a Pioneer N50 A LAN Streamer / USB DAC. The device is connected to my wired LAN. In former times I mostly used Spotify connect for streaming, but recently I upgraded my stereo setup and in the course of that I switched to Tidal hifi. I also got a small...
  17. heita0

    Matrix X-Hi Card: Can someone explain why this could be useful?

    What exactly is the purpose of this product? What does it change compared to a regular USB port? I thought digital signals cannot be affected by all that audio jazz. What even is USB noise? Isn't it just an exact stream of 1s and 0s agnostic to physical context (malfunction aside)? Matrix are a...
  18. S

    Windows 10: 4 sec L channel silence -> mute???

    Windows 10 USB, 44.1 kHz, 32 bit Topping D50s (3. ATUO: OFF) When there is audio signal only on R channel, the audio goes off after about 4 seconds. When there is audio signal only on L channel, the audio is on continuously. For example, I can play this youtube video (music signal only on R...
  19. danadam

    How does a USB keyboard work? (Ben Eater)

    Not directly related to audio but it includes an intro about how USB transmission works at low level, which I found interesting:
  20. K

    USB dac that shows bit depth on display?

    Hi ASR members! I'am looking for a USB dac that shows bit depth on its display. I see sample rate is more common, but I'am most interested in bit depth from different sources. Thanks in advance! / Karl
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