1. B

    need help figuring out a dB thing from a Tidal vs UAPP experiment.

    I have never been able to get Tidal to play in bit-perfect "exclusive mode" while UAPP asks me every time. They sound the same to me, but I wanted to devise an experiment to see if they actually are the same. I can log into Tidal through UAPP and play the same source material (CD quality 16/44.1...
  2. PortableMusic

    BEST Tablet Size for Tidal Interface (used at listening chair)

    Dear All: i'm a long time audiophile who just got a new system and a dedicated listening chair. as such, i'd like to use a larger interface than my phone to be used exclusively at my listening chair and exclusively with Tidal. i don't stream from any other music streaming service. i don't...
  3. nawfal07

    Source: Streaming Services - Detailed Measurement Review

    Hi @amirm / Reviewers / Everyone, Hopefully this thread is worth having, if not I fully understand and it can be deleted. I'm wondering, besides from a blind test, can audio sources i.e. streaming services (Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc or even radio apps like TuneIn...
  4. amirm

    Critical (Best) Music Tracks for Speaker and Room EQ Testing

    I post the list of tracks Harman uses after literally decades of research to detect fidelity of speakers and room Auto Equalizers in another thread but thought it deserves its own thread. I have had the fortunate luck of sitting through a couple of their blind tests and can attest to the...
  5. N

    Looking for help/recommendations - buying a DAC for a modest aparetment audio setup

    This is my first post in this Forum, so I wanted to start by saying "Hello!" to everybody. My kids keep growing up and somehow the living space of our apartment (we live in a flat) does not want to expand on its own as time goes on ;) In addition, we are about to start rearranging the space and...
  6. trl

    Apple TV 3'rd Generation - AirPlay measurements over TOSLINK

    Hello all, I was about to get rid of my old Apple TV 3'rd generation, A1469 model, due to the fact that it has no HBO Max, just Prime Video and Netflix and not sure for how long, given that streaming platforms will probably get updated in few years again, while this Apple TV model is already...
  7. A

    What are your digital media sources previously and currently ?

    Regrouping options with similar poll question about digital media source you are listening to ... previously and currently. Thanks for voting.
  8. A

    What is your digital sources ?

    What kind of digital sources that you commonly listen to ..
  9. Peterinvan

    Using Tidal from HiBy music app

    I was excited to try Tidal from my Hiby Music App (Android on FiiO M11Pro). I was able to use the excellent Hiby EQ functions playing my Tidal tracks. The Tidal UI is lacking functionality, but EQ is great. HOWEVER… the link to Tidal seems to time out after I exit the Hiby app. I can’t find...
  10. J

    Best way to integrate Dirac without compromises?

    Hi everyone! First of all I have to say this community was already very helpful, thank you everyone! So I am in the process of building myself a 2.0 or 2.1 system for Tidal streaming. For amplification I would like to go with the NAD M22 but I have difficulties finding a proper streamer/DAC...
  11. P

    I need a straight answer on Bluetooth sound quality

    Hi Guys I hope I'm in the correct forum, please excuse me if I'm not! I have been searching more than two hours now, for answers to what I think is a simple question, but turns out to be more technical than I anticipated :-). Q: I'm almost entirely listening to Tidal streaming via Bluetooth in...
  12. Mehdiem

    Tidal HiFi vs Spotify Premium? Can you hear the difference?

    Hi guys. I am a Tidal user (HiFi only) and contemplating a move to Spotify. The reason is that I don’t like Tidal’s playlist management. It’s very annoying. I was wondering if you could hear the difference between Tidal (CD Quality) and Spotify premium which is 320. These two are my only...
  13. Mehdiem

    Tidal HiFi vs HiFi Plus: Can you hear the difference?

    I have been using Tidal HiFi Plus for a while now. I used to listen to MQA all the time, and lately decided not to as I read a few articles against MQA. My new DAC (RME) is not supporting MQA either. This made me think that I might need to downgrade my Tidal account to HiFi only. ($10 vs $20)...
  14. M

    Direct streaming Tidal MQA via main stream streamer

    Hi I'm a newbie to the DACs and streamers. I've subscribed to Tidal Hi-fi plus and would like to stream (not to download) those MQA Hi-Res music to my home gear for listening. After checking for many products that are affordable to me, the followings that can fully decode MQA and have streaming...
  15. L

    EQ for headphones with Zen Stream + DAC + Tidal

    Hello everybody, I'm new here and I'd like to post a question. My setup is composed by a MacBook Pro / Android Phone + Zen Stream + Topping E50 + Rega Brio R + Grado 225e and I'm struggling to understand if there's a way to insert some sort of EQ in this audio chain. The Zen Stream and DAC are...
  16. A

    Modern streamer pre-amp help

    Hello forum! I'm finishing up my new project for a stereo system for my living room and I'm going crazy with the last piece of the puzzle: the streamer/DAC/pre-amp. I have an amplifier and a pair of speakers and I am delighted with the set. I need a source to act as a streamer, DAC, and...
  17. A

    Schiit Modius + A30 pro stack clipping in Tidal

    Hey guys , kinda new to this hobby and glad to see many helpful and knowledgeable people in this forum. I've just subscribed to tidal as my main source of hi-res music. My audio gear is Schiit Modius (DAC) stacked to A30 pro (AMP) via BAl in/out XLR , driving a Hifiman Ananda. Windows audio...
  18. J

    Tidal Family and Individual Subscriptions

    I just stumbled on this. Best Buy is offering Tidal subscriptions for half price if you buy through them for a year. For example, a year of HiFi is only $99 and a family plan HiFi is $180. The non HiFI (Premium) is ony $69/yr THE BAD NEWS is you have to start a new account...you can't use...
  19. M

    Help! - SMSL Su-8s only playing MQA files on tidal @44.1khz

    Hi guys, I've just got the SMSL Su-8s and I'm struggling to get MQA playback on Tidal working properly as it seems to only want to play 44.1khz I have downloaded the drivers from Shenzen audio "https://download.shenzhenaudio.com/#su8s/1" and installed them but when playing a Master track on...
  20. M

    Opinions on the music-discovery performance of current streaming services (and how to get the most out of them)?

    Sure, we all have a stash of cd rips and high-res content that was repeatedly vetted and benchmarked on various gear... But nothing compares to the thrill of hearing something for the first time that fits so perfectly in the moment. As someone who does ml by day (outside the entertainment...
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