1. T

    Gustard DAC-X16 or SMSL SU-9

    I am in the very spot of upgrading my DAC from Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus, I have narrowed down to these two units, I wonder if I don't care for DSD or MQA, does it make sense to get either of them? Would I be better off with something like a Schiit Modius? Would the DAC-X16 or SU-9 sound...
  2. H

    Problems with SMSL SU-9

    Hi all, Due to recent Cambridge Audio DACMagic+ failure I went on the hunt for a new DAC. The SMSL SU-9 fit the bill, and is excellent with a few niggles that might well turn out to be a deal breaker (return of device) if not addressable with setup and/or firmware fix. Firstly, this is a...
  3. D

    Desk setup for 500€

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this site, so please forgive me if I'm missing out on something. I'm aiming to build a setup in Germany for max 500€ (roughly $600), that I can fit on my desk and connect to my PC via USB (any maybe phone via BT). As I prioritize deep and smooth bass...
  4. W

    Tinnitus? Impedance mismatch? SMSL SP200 + Beyer 1990 Pro

    i am a bit of a n00b. But i was reading about mismatching amps and headphones. My current setup is: PC source> USB Input DAC (SMSL M400) > balanced out > Balanced in SMSL SP200 > Beyerdynamic 1990 pros Currently i am suffering from tinnitus in my right ear, i heard that potentially i could...
  5. W

    SMSL M400 and SMSL SP200 a good combo?

    Hello everyone, Firstly i'd like to say i am an avid reader of the forum but in no way an expert, in fact i am probably a n00b. now i've got that out the way here is my questions. Gear: SMSL SP200 (RCA In ) SMSL M400 (RCA out) (Optical in) Audio Engine D1 (superseded) Sebaj PHA-2 (superseded)...
  6. M

    [FS]EU - slightly used SMSL SP 200 THX AAA-888 Headphone amplifier

    Selling an SMSL SP200 THX amp as i don't use it anymore. Its condition is like new. Asking for 190€ + shipping (20€ in the EU, 9 in Italy). For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
  7. J

    Stack or Combo? (M500, E30 L30, D50s A50s or schiit magni/modi 3)

    Hi All, I am very new to this. I just got an active speaker (Edifier S880DB). I am looking at Dac/amp for the speaker and to control the speakers from the amp. So based on the price in my country, the: Price of SMSL M500 = Price D50s + A50s > Price Schiit magni+modi = Price E30 +L30. My...
  8. M

    How to improve a harsh and artificial sound?

    What may be causing harshness and annoying sound in my setup? it happens in any music I listen to on my pc, any format and any player I try. I make it clear that I don't talk about noticeable noises or sound distortions (ground loop and stuff like that, I think), I'm also not listening at high...
  9. J

    FS: Topping D50s DAC ($170), SMSL SP-200 Balanced THX-888 AMP ($210)

    Shipping on both or either is an additional $10 anywhere in the continental USA. Each working, like new, with original packaging. (Original owner in a non-smoking household). Topping D50s comes with USB power cable, USB data cable, Bluetooth Antenna, working remote, and protective caps SMSL...
  10. MetalDaze

    SMSL M300 MkII DSD Noise

    Hello everyone. New member but I have been reading the reviews and forums here for a while. I created this account to post my experience and welcome input since I've tried all I can think of. I have also emailed SMSL 3+ days ago and am still waiting for a response - let alone an acknowledgment...
  11. A

    SMSL SP200 channel imbalance

    I've been the owner of the SMSL SP200 for about a month now but the experience hasn't been the best unfortunately. When I got it all wired up and plugged my headphones in, I immediately noticed a channel imbalance with it. The left channel was louder than the right one. I returned it and bought...
  12. D

    SMSL DAC + SMSL AMP + HeadSet. Problem.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading for a long time, and finally I have dedicated myself to entering this world. I tell you my problem. I seek to play music alone and exclusively from my PC and occasionally from my mobile. At first I wanted to buy a Pioneer vsx 934, but after reading for a few...
  13. RickSanchez

    Massdrop 789 vs. Monoprice 887 vs. SMSL SP200: THX amp measurement comparison

    Due to the Green Bay Packers having a bye week (i.e., I have a little more free time than usual today) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing and relatively budget THX headphone amplifiers: the Drop (Massdrop) THX AAA 789 vs. the Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 vs. the...
  14. L

    FX-Audio FX152E vs SMSL SA-36A Pro, which is the better budget amp?

    So at a little under 50 CAD I have the two options of the FX-Audio FX152E TPA3118+TA7630P (I really don't care about the tone control tbh, I never use it), and the SMSL SA-36A Pro Class D 20Wx2 TDA7492PE. So I guess it comes down to SMSL's 20*2w implentation of the TDA7492PE vs FX Audio's 30*2w...
  15. RickSanchez

    Sabaj D5 vs. SMSL M500 vs. Topping DX7 Pro: measurement comparison

    Due to overwhelming ASR member demand (kidding) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing DAC/amp combos: the Sabaj D5 vs. the SMSL M500 vs. the Topping DX7 Pro. Thanks to @amirm for all of the measurements; all of this info is from him (unless otherwise noted), I'm...
  16. U

    Is Tidal HiFi Worth It and What Sort Of DAC Should You Use?

    I am trying to figure out what DAC I need and if I should continue to use Tidal HiFi. Tidal Premium sounds great to me. I know Tidal HiFi has two additional higher sound quality options over Premium. There is MQA which requires a specific decoder, but then there is HiFi. Does HiFi require a...
  17. L

    Best DAC under $300 for Audioengine A5+ powered speakers

    My source is my PC and my purpose is to listen to FLAC 24/196, 24/192 etc and DSD music files! Please give your recommendations! I have made a poll as well feel free to vote plus recommend devices that you think are better! Thanks! ☺️
  18. SMSL-Mandy

    2019 CES Asia ---SMSL will bring new product there

    2019 CES Asia will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 11-13 (Tuesday to Thursday). SMSL will also bring new products to the exhibition. It is located at Booth 1550 in Hall N1. Welcome The opening hours of the exhibition hall are: Tuesday, June 11, 2019: 9:00-17:00...
  19. K

    SMSL M100 vs SMSL Sanskrit 10th

    So the AliExpress anniversary sale is coming up, and these two have caught my eye because they can be bought for under 70$ with the right coupon. Amir has measured the Sanskrit and it works well with spdif and a dedicated power supply. SMSL products have also been faring well on ASR tests. I'm...
  20. Veri

    [Sold] SMSL iDea (dac-amp dongle)

    For sale the SMSL IDEA. Had bought this to use with work computer. Not really needed anymore. As new, barely used. Sounds great, goes pretty loud for a dongle. It's really small which is convenient. Improves upon sh*tty audio of lower-end phones or computers (from my limited testing). This...
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