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  1. W

    How to EQ this monstrosity?

    I recently got the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 Speakers (with no subwoofer), and I have them sitting on a TV console in my living room. I measured the speakers with the MMM, and you can see, the left and right speakers are very unequal in terms of frequency response (especially in the sub-100 Hz...
  2. dominikz

    RME adds Room EQ capability to TotalMix FX (UFX+, UFX II, UFX III and UCX II only)

    Just saw this yesterday on RME forums and thought it was exciting news: (full source) Preview: I can only hope this functionality finds its way to Babyface and ADI-2 DAC successors some day :) EDIT [2024-01-25]: Seems UCX II support was added as well; updated title accordingly.
  3. T

    Important Spectral Balances For Movie Sound

    Let's assume a well calibrated, good sounding setup with well controlled acoustics, a flat frequency response, maybe even gently sloped to a finely crafted house curve. Despite a good system - according to measurements - maybe some are familiar with one of these sound anomalies: While the...
  4. pasi123567

    Do we really need to EQ the room?

    I already had a discussion on this with some people but I still don't really get it. Now I am also not that deep into audio to really understand everything but this is what makes sense to me. Lets say we have a speaker that measures perfectly flat in an anechoic chamber. This means that the...
  5. P

    MiniDSP with a separate DAC and Preamp

    I'm trying to resolve a 45hz room mode and have been advised to check out MiniDSP. I know a little bit about MiniDSP but I don't fully understand how or where it would fit into my current system. I'm currently running a Chord Hugo TT2 with M-Scaler into a Benchmark LA4 preamp that feeds 2x...
  6. E

    SOLD!!!: Paradigm PW Link streamer pre-amp ARC room correction

    Longtime ASR lurker here -- couldn't live without the great reviews and community advice -- but first-time seller, though I have feedback on other sites and forums. This is a fully featured digital streamer and preamplifer with Anthem ARC room correction built in. You can stream via the app...
  7. tecnogadget

    Accurate speaker in-room response. Which UMIK1 orientation is better, horizontal 0º or vertical 90º? (Question)

    Although I've been using Umik1 for years, at first I always seem to have it right, but then the results end up driving me crazy with the same doubt: What combination of microphone positioning and calibration file gives us the real response our ears perceive at the listening point above the...
  8. Mehdiem

    REW and RME: How to Generate EQ tailored for RME ADI-2 using REW?

    I have performed my first measurement with UMIK-1 and REW. I need your help to understand how to generate & translate my EQ measurements into RME parameters. I could not find a way to generate EQ according to RME parameters and capabilities. I tried using Generic EQ with 7 filters but didn't...
  9. mitchco

    Understanding the State of the Art of Digital Room Correction

    A deep dive presentation on the fundamentals of "proper" Digital Room Correction (DRC). Includes hands-on DSP FIR Filter Designer demos using Acourate and Audiolense. Having participated in many audio forum discussions, having watched online videos on Digital Room Correction (or DRC), and...
  10. M

    [Requesting Advice]: Audiophile beginner looking to expand & upgrade

    Hello Folks, I started of my audio journey during pandemic with a Denon x4500h, JBL studio 530s , an Infinity RC263 center and a HSU Research VTF-15H MK2 sub. Over the past few months i wanted to take the hobby a bit further. Mostly, wanted to improve my AV side and create a dedicated 2 (&...
  11. dominikz

    Impact of door/window position on in-room response

    For a while now I've been noticing that I can get pretty different LF in-room response depending on current room layout and whether doors/windows are open or closed. Anyway, a couple of days ago I decided to test a few variants to see what is the impact exactly on both my systems. First the...
  12. B

    Genelec 8030c + SVS sb1000pro setup

    I intend to switch from an Audiophonics Hypex Ncore NC252MP amp paired with some old speakers to an active system. So after some consideration my preference would be to try out the Genelec 8030c (balanced XLR in). My current gear and which I would like to integrate: Topping E30+L30 (RCA out) as...
  13. J

    Any utility in manually adjusting Audyssey MultEQ? Do you think my frequency response improved?

    I have an older Marantz SR7002 which has Audyssey Multi EQ built in. Using the generic mic and auto calculated filters and then comparing it with REW and my UMIK-1 it gives me horrendous corrections in areas that certainly do not need correction. It looks like this is quite an old version of...
  14. S

    Need advice on using full range main speakers and a single sub as a multi-sub setup

    Hi, I need your kind advise on using bass management. My listening room is an L shaped space with a volume of approx. 125 m3 (4400 cubic ft). My main speakers are KEF R11s which I am very happy with. I use Dirac Live 3.0 on my MiniDSP Studio. It handles nearly all the room mode peeks under the...
  15. dominikz

    Turning an Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) into a media player with DSP

    So after looking into some depth at room correction SW, I wanted to see how to implement DSP into my system. Initially I looked at various of-the-shelf solutions, but in the end decided to see if I can work something out myself - ultimately audio DSP is just a bit of computing power combined...
  16. Coach_Kaarlo

    New Home = where to locate the speakers?

    Thanks for reading this - I hope some experienced members can help me. Yes, I love the journey of measuring, listening, changing, and repeating again. However I have just spent 3 months tuning the speaker location and DSP/ DIRAC in my old apartment only to be moving to a new one! First world...
  17. Sekenenz

    Omnitronic MM-2USB for REW

    I was searching for a cheaper alternative to umik-1 (€140) and I've find this usb mic (€59). Given that the objective is some basic room eq measurement, could it be anyhow comparable to the umik?
  18. amirm

    Video For Audiophiles

    Video for Audiophiles By, Amir Majidimehr This is a presentation I made to the Pacific Northwest Audiophile Society. As the name implies, they are heavily into audio. So I thought it would be good to present video in the context of what audiophiles would want to learn. The presentation is...
  19. amirm

    Validity of X-curve For Cinema Sound

    Validity Of X-curve For Cinema Sound In my article in Widescreen Review Magazine published recently titled “There Is No “There” in Audio,” I made a brief reference to X-curve used for calibration of Cinema Sound and mentioned that there is no good reason to follow it for home theater...
  20. amirm

    Architectural Audio Systems

    Architectural Audio Systems By Amir Majidimehr [Note: This article was originally published in the Widescreen Review Magazine] Usually my articles in Widescreen Review are focused on maximum performance as I suspect is the shared interest of you reading this. We are always seeking ways to...
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