1. B

    What would y'all recommend to someone wanting to buy an extremely neutral, closed back, wired over ear pair of headphones that's close to $100?

    i'm posting this to just a few forums but I'm looking to replace a Logitech G Pro X that i had and i really want a super neutral sound and I really would love something that is around my price range and is of good quality. If anyone has recommendations I would greatly appreciate them!
  2. R

    Best way to connect a powered speaker to a powered sub?

    Hello everyone! I recently got my Hivi Swans OS-10 for my starting speakers, and now im gradually falling in the Audiophile loop-hole. I was searching first on how to connect these speakers with an active subwoofer such as the Edifier T5s, which also has crossover. It led me in thinking to...
  3. A

    Need sub recommendation for second floor apartment

    I have the Adam T5V studio monitors and I'm looking for a fitting 10" sub. The matching Adam T10S sub has an annoying standby feature which makes it a no-go. I live on the second floor so I want to be mindful of the people living downstairs. That means down-firing and bottom-ported subs are...
  4. N

    Stand-alone speaker recommendations

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I stumbled upon this forum while searching for a review of the BOWERS & WILKINS FORMATION FLEX, which I'm considering purchasing. It seems like this community advises against getting one, so I would appreciate your suggestions for a small...
  5. F

    Recommended DAC for stereo with volume control + remote (>$700)?

    I have had an SMSL M200 for a couple years that I have been basically happy with, but the display died and it's out of warranty. I am looking to replace it, hopefully with something more reliable. I know the SMSL measures very well but surely something out there is also built to last? Here is...
  6. D

    Recommendations for DAC with 2 Coax inputs

    Hello All! I've been lurking and reading reviews for a while but as of today I am a new member. I have been reading a number of well reviewed DAC's in the past few months here but all the ones I have seen only have 1 coax, optical and USB. I am hoping for some recommendations regarding a...
  7. lerp

    Wiim Pro Plus + Fosi V3/BT20a Pro OR Yamaha R-N303?

    Hello everyone! I just picked up a pair of Definitive Technology BP-9020 speakers for a killer deal and am trying to decide which route to go with regards to amplification/interface. Budget is around the $300-350 USD range. I was planning on going with the Yamaha R-N303, but am wondering if...
  8. F

    [Recommendation] Active speaker for 1k-1.5k

    I am looking for an active speakers for around 1.5k max price. I mostly listen to female voices, rock, and some electronic music. I have auditioned the Focal Aria 906 (they are passive), but didnt like how little bass they had and the requirement of an amp/dac. I also tried out the Klipsch...
  9. S

    Advice on upgrading from QAcoustic M20HD and REL t7x for desktop nearfield

    I'm keen for your collective wisdom everyone. I'm seeking to upgrade my speakers from the Q Acoustic M20HD for desktop. They are mounted on speaker stands approx. 30cm (11-12inch) on my desk, perfect for tweeter at ear level. My room is about 50% treated, not an optimal size (square shape), but...
  10. M

    Looking for new Headphones for the next 10 Years

    Hello Forum, I have been using the Sennheiser HD 650 for 10 years, but they are now coming to the end of their life. I also temporarily had the HD 600 and 800s, neither of which convinced me. So now I'm looking for new headphones that will last at least 10 years with pad change/cable change and...
  11. S

    Need to upgrade my HD559s, any recommendations?

    I have been using my HD559s for about 3 years, and I love these, the one thing which I like very much about these are the punchy/muddy bass but when I read the reviews most of them didn't like the bass as it was too muddy. So I am looking to upgrade these, what i want in my next pair is a wider...
  12. S

    Do I need to upgrade E1DA 9038D - Getting into headphones / IEMs

    I am hoping for experience or views on upgrade options. Have been using E1DA 9038D dongle DAC with Sennheiser HD560S for 2 years. They sound good but I have no other frame of reference. Looking at upgrade options, I have a spare Topping E50 DAC. I am torn between buying the Topping G5...
  13. Huang Jerry

    Help with choosing a studio monitor.

    So I sold off some gear, and instead of being a financially wise man, I decided that I needed a proper pair of studio monitor. I'm choosing between two pairs: - Klein + Hummel O110 in very good condition, for SGD650 (USD470, EUR455) - Kali LP6 (not V2) brand new in box, for SGD500 (USD375...
  14. Z

    Which AMP/DAC should I get for AUDEZE LCD-X (2021)?

    Hi, I have recently bought an Audeze LCD-X (2021) headphones. I wanted to know what amp/DAC would be best to pair them with. I have a budget of around USD 1,500 - 2,000. Can go lower or slightly higher. Thank you for your time.
  15. Mateø

    DAC for budget speaker for home use 150 budget

    I am currently progressing my way through music listening, my current setup consists of a Lenovo PC, running QOBUZ with WASAPI, to an Aiyima A7 Integrated amp into Triangle Borea BR02's. I am looking for a DAC under 150 pounds (UK) mainly neutral as Boreas are quite mid heavy, the room size and...
  16. G

    Preamp recommendation with digital streamer and analog phono

    I’m looking for a streaming pre-amp solution that comes with analog Input (RCA). I will be pairing this with purifi based Boxem Amp, feeding into Monitor Audio Silver 300s Towers. My Music Sources : LPs that I play through Music Hall Classic Turntable (this has a built in phono-preamp) and...
  17. R

    Beginner Recommendation: Stereo Listening

    Hey, Not sure where I should be posting this. My current sound system is kaput - bought it 10 years ago. A Marantz M-CR603 I bought 11 years ago, paired to Paradigm bookshelves. I was thinking I needed to go down the same road, but realized that I don't much listen to CDs. I have music on a...
  18. sweetchaos

    Passive Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to, here you go! :D This guide is for PASSIVE speakers. For ACTIVE speakers go here. Click on the "Spoiler" buttons below to expand each section. Readme: Legend: Never Buy This Brand: Passive Bookshelf Speakers: Passive...
  19. sweetchaos

    Active Speaker Recommendations for USA (by @sweetchaos)

    I'm constantly asked which speakers to, here you go! :D This guide is for ACTIVE speakers. For PASSIVE speakers go here. Click on the "Spoiler" buttons below to expand each section. Readme: Legend: Active Speakers (aka Studio Monitors): Bookshelf speakers (when turned 90deg)...
  20. G

    Weird question about room treatment

    Hello! I have a weird question. My mom is doing cross stitching, so I wanted to ask, what do you think of cross stitch picture with wooden frame as a room treatment? It's a fabric, without a glass and with a wooden frame - worth a try? Thanks!
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