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Preamp recommendation with digital streamer and analog phono


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Jun 15, 2022
I’m looking for a streaming pre-amp solution that comes with analog Input (RCA). I will be pairing this with
purifi based Boxem Amp, feeding into Monitor Audio Silver 300s Towers.

My Music Sources : LPs that I play through Music Hall Classic Turntable (this has a built in phono-preamp) and rest of the music is either streamed through Spotify/Tidal or through local network connected Synology NAS.

Currently I use Cambridge Audio stack ( CXN V2 + CX A81 ), these were feeding B&W 706 bookshelf speakers in my home office (10’ x 12’ space) - but now I’m moving and my new home office is bigger (12’ x 18’), so I invested in Monitor Audio towers. The CX A81 was very convenient, but the Silver 300s need more power, hence I’m replacing it with boxem amp.
But now I have lost analog input :( necessary for the turntable.

l looked at Shitt Freya, MiniDSP SHD, etc. but nothing seems to be as convenient as the Cambridge Audio stack. I briefly looked at EVO line - but am not a fan of all in box solution, plus Boxem make the Silver 300s sing, so am keeping the amp.

My Budget is 2k USD. Any suggestions ?
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