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  1. R

    Khadas Tone Board vs Audiophonic Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC

    Hallo, i am thinking of switching my Arcam irDAC, Squeezbox Touch and NAS for a one box solution. Raspberry Pi with a DAC. From my research i end up leaning towards Khadas Tone Board but notice the less known Audiophonic Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC on the internet. Can anyone tell me whats the...
  2. orchardaudio

    PecanPi - Next Generation Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

    Meet the PecanPi DAC and Streamer Improvements over previous generation DAC include: Fully linear ultra low noise power supplies Re-clocking with Crystek femtosecond jitter oscillator Built in HW volume control (no Volume-Clocker needed) Built in high performance headphone amplifier Full...
  3. DonH56

    BDP-Pi Digital Player

    Saw this and thought it interesting. At $1295 a bit pricey for a Raspberry-pi device but as a turnkey solution is appealing in today's overpriced world (a recent review touted the new Aurender $5500 player as "affordable" so should appeal to all audiophiles...)...
  4. CuteStudio

    The SeeDeClip4 Declipping Music Server

    Ok, I'm not really a dealer but my software is for sale and does serve these purposes: * Helps me organise my music * Makes many of my CDs sound better * Selling copies means other people get interested and suggest stuff that makes it sound better and easier to use * Saves me having to buy...
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