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Genelec vs Neumann vs Dynaudio vs Focal


Nov 18, 2022
Sorry for the long title...
I have come to a studio and i have these speakers in front of me Genelec 8030c, Neumann KH120, Dynaudio LYD7, Focal Alpha 50 Evo and i want to say about my opinion on each.

- Genelec 8030c, made in Finland, very good build quality, rounded alluminum cabinet, bass reflex behind, it has no deep bass, from 50 hertz and below it weakens, high frequencies is nice but little pointed, the stereo image is not so open! score 8/10

- Neumann KH120a, made in Ireland, very good build quality like genelec, aluminum cabinet but not rounded and not as compact as genelec, it reaches a little lower in the bass from genelec, bass reflex is in front and the sensation of the air coming to your face is not nice for me, the high frequencies they are at least like distorted , there is a little confusion. score 7/10

- Dynaudio LYD7, made in Denmark, good built quality, with heavy wood but in front its more strong the wood, the whole construction should have been like this like the front, it has some failures at some points, some glues are visible, as if they were in a hurry to stick it on, in genelec and neumann this did not exist, the speaker seems to be one click below in the cabinet quality from genelec and neumann. the bass hertz they sound so tight, and they reach lower from 8030c, neumann kh120, the bass is minimally deep, high frequencies are better to hear from genelec and neumann,
because of the different stuff on tweetter, soft dome is nice to my ears, very softer from the other speakers, but they sound somehow out of phase to me in relation to genelec and neumann.. score 7/10

- Focal Alpha 50 Evo, made in China, poor build quality, plastic everywhere and thin hollow wood, bass reflex in front, it smells like plastic every time you get air from in there, despite all of the above, it has the deepest bass, you can hear comfortably up to 40hz I liked it very much in this, but it has the worst tweeter in relation to the others speakers, metallic colored sound whistling in your ears but the best stereo image of all like 3D, also i really liked the position of the power switch at the back. score 5/10.

I am not completely happy with any speakers, each one has its good and bad, the most correct in terms of price are Dynaudio, I think the others are expensive for what they offer,

the prices should be as follows...Genelec 8030c 800€ pair, Neumann KH120 900€ pair, Dynaudio LYD7 700€ pair, Focal Alpha 50 Evo 350€ pair.

that's all I had to say... ;)


Major Contributor
Feb 19, 2018
no surprises - the Genelec + properly integrated sub should bump up the score
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