1. G

    Kef R5 vs NHT C4

    I have an NHT set up of C4's in the front, C LCR for the center, and the MS Salatalites for the rears powered by a Denon AVR6700 and Kimber Kable 8tc connects. I am really considering going to the KEF R5 Meta with a KEF R2 Meta for the center. There aren't any dealers in Minnesota where I can...
  2. E

    Cambridge Audio CXA81

    For sale like new - $850 + shipping $50 within US
  3. phrwn

    FS: Single Kef R3, walnut

    $800 pickup; shipping at cost. Single walnut Kef R3, with grille, bass baffle plug thing, and original box. Bought new a year ago, splitting a pair with another forum member here to use as a center channel. Selling because it doesn't quite fit in the media cabinet and it's lost the battle...
  4. Nuyes

    KEF R3 meta Measurements

    Hi, I measured the KEF R3 meta loudspeakers this time. These speakers have just been released, but I was able to get a pre-order sample (a pair) from an audiophile in Korea. Impedance Frequency response I measure HF responses using a 5ms window gating. Therefore, the...
  5. J

    Dual Amp Setup

    I've recently been wondering if I should dual amplify my KEF Reference 3 speakers. I am feeding the KEFs through my RPi 4 > Topping D90 > Topping A90D >Benchmark AHB2 I almost exclusively stream via Apple Music thru Airplay 1 from my phone, though I have been thinking about putting most of my...
  6. K

    B&W 706S2 to KEF R3, M16 or Linton?

    Hello everyone, A search for new speakers is always a challenge. Currently I have the Bowers & Wilkins 706S2 at home as my main stereo setup and I'm somewhat pleased with the sound of them. They sound very good with Jazz but I have the idea that they aren't a relaxed listening. Much details and...
  7. xaviescacs

    Kef Corelli? Anyone?

    Hi Folks, Is there anyone here with experience with the Kef Corelli speakers? I can't find a frequency response or distortion measurements. Do you think there is any sense in getting a used pair for something else than love for vintage gear? Thanks!
  8. exm

    FS: Kef R900 in Walnut

    Up for sale are my Kef R900s in beautiful Walnut finish. Local pickup in LI, NY or flat $200 shipping for US Domestic. Pricing is $1,999 firm. For pictures and more info see my ad:
  9. S

    Matrix X Sabre pro 2 and power amp

    Hello all, I’m a happy owner of a Matrix X sabre pro 2 MQA And I’ve a random question this evening :) I did move house and for now my audio setup is still in boxes And composed of Network streamer (Rpi 4), Matrix X sabre as DAC, my amp Arcam A39 and a wonderful pair of KEF R7. I’m wondering if...
  10. Nuyes

    KEF LS50W II measurements

    This is a KEF LS50W II. Very surprising speaker with near zero hiss noise despite being an active speaker. FR/SPL The bass extension is 44.9hz(-6dB). Overall, the balance is excellent, except for 1k to 2k. Directivity...
  11. J

    Brand match front with surround and height?

    Community, Looking for some advise. Currently have three KEF R3s for LCR. I’m trying to budget for additional speakers. Two rear surrounds and four height speakers for the “unified layout”. Auro for music up-mixing and Atmos movies/music all via AppleTV. How important is brand matching? Three...
  12. S

    " Half- MUON" DIY SOTA-wannabe KEF coax based

    Excuse me if it would be partial repetition from other posts because KEF speakers get discussed here quite extensively but it seems this essence of my question is different and not specifically discussed anywhere. Basically I am looking at building a DIY system functionally similar to KEF LS60...
  13. Mehdiem

    Upgrading Sub from KEF-Q400 to REL T7X, does it make sense?

    I’m wondering if upgrading my sub from KEF Q400 to one of the below candidates would have a noticeable impact on the purpose of music listening? In that case which sub (and size) would you go for? - REL T7X - KEF KC62 - I considered SVS Micro 3000 and loved the app, but I don’t like how it...
  14. G

    KEF LS50 to Genelec 8040/4040A upgrade

    This is my first post in this fantastic community! I have learned (and bought) a lot! Big shout-out to Amirm and Erin for the reviews! I have an opportunity to buy some very cheap (300$ each) Genelec 4040A monitors (basically a 8040A with phoenix connector) in good shape. I have already bought...
  15. magicg_at

    Suggestion speaker combination

    Hi, I have already spent some time with interesting topics and information in this forum. Thank you for that! My current LCR system consists of 2x JBL XTI 80 and 1x ELAC SRL CENTER and 1x ELAC BASS 773. Maybe not the best combination. These Speakers are 20-25 years old. The room is approx. 25m²...
  16. I

    Focal Aria S906 vs KEF LS50 Meta

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Focal Aria S906 ($1000) and KEF LS50 Meta ($1000). They are both used in mint condition. As for my living room home theater set up, I already have Sony's HT-A9 with SA5 subwoofer, so this would mostly go into my bedroom which is around...
  17. harkpabst

    Happy birthday, Dr. Jack Oclee-Brown

    Happy birthday, @jackocleebrown ! Your personal history has now reached 2/3 of KEF's history. ;) No need to feel old because of this, in 20 years it will be a share of 3/4. :D I can assure you from personal experience that you have at least ten more good years to come before your body will...
  18. T

    [FS][EU] KEF LSX Wireless Speakers (All-in-1 system)

    For sale the critically-acclaimed (also excellent measurements in ASR) wireless desktop speakers KEF LSX (all-in-1 system) in red color. The speakers are in very good condition (see photos) and come with all accessories/original packaging + after-market custom protective covers (bought for...
  19. R

    KEF R3 Black, 5 months old, I want to trade for Revel M106

    Hi, Piano Black KEF R3 set. No damage or bumps nicks. (the piano black finish has a few super micro scratches which is typical, very minor - not noticeable and only from someone using a cloth to dust them) Sound great. Have all the original packing for shipping. I am looking to see if anyone...
  20. U

    FS: KEF LS50

    I’m selling a like new pair of KEF LS50 speakers in black color. I used these for two speaker shootouts and as my office speakers for just over a year. They sound fantastic and are very neutral. I am only selling to provide funds for my next speaker shootout. They are in excellent, like new...
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