1. V

    Software-based Audyssey DynamicEQ on Windows PC? Something similar to DynamicEQ without AVR is already discussed here, but can I do something like DynamicEQ On Windows PC without buying an additional device? I'd like to enable...
  2. V

    Automatically turn on a subwoofer that lacks 12V trigger input?

    I'm thinking of buying KEF KC62 for living room. The only concerning issue is that auto-standby of KC62 does not work reliably at low volume. I contacted KEF support, they told me that the feature could be turned off on the latest firmware. I could send KC62 to their service center for updating...
  3. D

    Is the Galion TS A75 a good match for KEF’s R3 Meta?

    Hello all audio gurus. Hope you are all having a good day. My question (apologies in advance as I’m very new to this) is as per the title: KEF R3 Meta + Galion TS A75 a good match? An Eversolo A6 ME will be the pre amp and source for the A75, and I primarily stream my music through Tidal. I...
  4. T

    CJ Premier 16mk2 Premier 140 Premier 15

    Just found this site, great stuff! Bought my first speakers Kef 104/2 around 1986 still on use today with Cj Premier mk2 with prem 140 amp and prem 15 phone amp with all cardas golden ref ics and cable along with VPI soitmaster 2 upgraded arm and old shelter 90 cartridge. Still audio heaven. The...
  5. F

    Kef R3 Meta vs R11 (non-meta)

    I'm in a situation where I need some help to make a more informed decision. I was planning, later this year, to buy a pair of R3 Meta for our living room (L&R speakers). Since I already have my endgame subwoofers I was trying to build towards my endgame speaker setup. Hence the choice of the R3...
  6. J

    About the choice of Revel F226Be, Kef R7 Meta and Perlisten R5t

    Hi everyone, I recently wanted to upgrade my main speakers. My room is 15 square meters, and I am currently using a pair of jbl studio690 as the main speakers. Their sound is good, but I always feel that there is something missing when listening to music. The r7 meta is the cheapest among them...
  7. 9

    Inside of KEF Kube 10b subwoofer

    Hi all, just got a used KEF Kube 10b. Because its sides are full cloth wrap, I was interested how it looks inside. You can see from the images it's not a standard sub box. Top and bottom panels are removable because of the cloth, and the woofer is installed from inside. The dampening material...
  8. Matias

    KEF KC92 and Kube MIE subwoofers

    Just announced. KC92 Subwoofer: £2,499 per piece, MSRP Kube 15 MIE: £1,149 per piece, MSRP Kube 12 MIE: £849 per piece, MSRP Kube 10 MIE: £749 per piece, MSRP Kube 8 MIE: £599 per piece, MSRP
  9. S

    KEF R3 Meta vs Linton vs ?

    Hello, Need suggestion here, looking for upgrade in speaker. From Audioengine HDP6, i want to buy the replacement. Seems like KEF R3 and Linton got nice review here (and in Erin‘s review). No floorstanding because my job require me to move from time to time to another town (about 2 years). In...
  10. C

    Is my amp enough for my speakers?

    I just bought a Wiim amp and Kef R3 metas.I will be listening to the speakers around 3 meters away from them. I have looked at the specs and the amp should deliver enough power. But then i read some articles saying that the Kef R3 needs a beefier amp. So now i am confused.
  11. C

    Which speaker is the best one?

    I have been researching a lot recently, but I am still a bit confused about which speaker to choose. I have 3 speakers I have been looking at: 1. Kef R3 Meta 2. Ascend Acoustics Sierra-LX. 3. Neumann KH 150 I am wondering which speaker is the best one for me or if there are some better...
  12. K

    Need advice on floor speakers, budget around 1,500 $

    Hello I’m considering buying a pair of speakers to go along with a new amplifier and streamer. I haven’t bought anything yet, but I’m pretty sure about the amplifier, Yamaha A-S501, and streamer, WiiM Pro. I hope to find a pair that can play nicely without the need of a subwoofer due to space...
  13. sweetchaos

    Kef LS60 wireless review by ErinsAudioCorner

    Erin has reviewed the Kef LS60 Wireless. :) Video review: Spinorama: The rest of the graphs: Erin's calculation: Important Deal: - Currently US $5000/pair (down from US $7000/pair) (or 28% off) until Jan 17, 2024 - Currently EUR 5000/pair (down from EUR 7000/pair) (or 28% off) until Jan...
  14. C

    Looking for my first pair of good speakers

    Hey, I have some pretty good headphones and iems but the only speaker i own is an Ultimate ears hyperboom which battery dosent even last that long. So i wanna finally buy some good sounding speakers. Info: I live in a pretty small apartment around 40m2. And my couch is around 3-5 meters from my...
  15. S

    New Kef in wall speakers

    A couple months ago, there were pictures teased of the black ls60 and we all thought it was a brand new speaker. Kef bamboozled us. Yesterday, ever so quietly they launched a new version of their R- series in wall, 3160 (R7 equivalent?) and 5160 (R11 equivalent?) with META. In Canada, the 3160...
  16. ninetylol

    KEF Kube 12b or Kube 10b for low listening

    Hey i got a pretty small room and can get booth of these subs pretty cheap for 619€ (12b) or 499€ (10b). I only listen to low/Medium volume Max 90db 99% of the time. Speakers are Elac DBR62, which i wanna cross at 120Hz. I found the following measurements: Should i invest the extra 120 for...
  17. C

    7.2.4 HT Speaker Placement/Setup and Other Questions

    Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster. Doing my first real HT setup (Atmos 7.2.4) and would love some input on speaker selection, placement, and other miscellaneous items. LCR: In-Wall KEF Ci3160RL Side surround: In-Wall, KEF ? Rear surround: In-Wall, KEF ? Atmos: In-ceiling, KEF ? AVR...
  18. J

    FS: Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5RP and WSA-5RP-PLUS

    Hey community, I am moving to a wired setup for my rear bed and height channels and putting both units up for sale. Purchased directly from Dynasty in April 2023 (standard) and June 2023 (Plus variant). Only have original packaging for one unit. Will include the RCA cables I bought on Amazon to...
  19. Z

    AMP/Speaker choice

    Hello, after some research, I've narrowed my choice to few speakers/amps. I'm planning to listen wide variety of music in my living room (40m^2 of open space), which unfortunately, is not and can't be acoustically treated (except for the rug and maybe some curtains). Seating/listening position...
  20. R

    Set-Up around Eversolo DMP-A6

    Hi all, I’m a newbie who has read through the forums here the last couple days to step up from a Denon M40 to a proper HiFi setup. I mainly stream classical music. I’d also use the speakers for our TV. The room is fairly small (3x4m) but with high ceilings and open to an adjacent larger room...
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