1. B

    I have a kef LSX. what DAC should i be getting?

    i need help selecting a DAC with headphone amp. as the tittle says i have a KEF lsx i want to use as my pc speakers mainly for music and games. i want to be able to connect my headphones aswell and be able to switch. very noob at audio stuff. thanks
  2. M

    KEF LS 50 Meta: NAD C 326BEE a good match/stands suggestions

    Hi there, I'm about to replace my Kef IQ 9s with the new LS 50 Metas. I got a NAD C 326BEE ( and plan to place them in a 24 m2 room. Behind the amp, there's usually vinyl or digital from a Topping E30 coming in. Any thoughts...
  3. V

    Experience setting up LS50 Meta with SB2000 and Denon x3600h as preamp

    This forum has been a wealth of great information. I have learned and geeked out a ton! I thought I should share my own experience and observations setting up the Kef LS50 Meta with a SB2000pro and the Denon x3600h preouts to a Luxman R117 for amplification. The TLDR of it is that this...
  4. runnah

    BMR Philharmonitor vs. KEF R3

    Hi guys! I am looking for a pair of stereo speakers with a budget of up to $2,000. I recently was made aware of the BMR Philharmonitors' glowing reviews. Since they're a three-way design, in my mind KEF R3s are a natural competitor to the BMRs. Does anyone have a comparison of both speakers...
  5. D

    Desk setup for 500€

    Hello friends, this is my first post on this site, so please forgive me if I'm missing out on something. I'm aiming to build a setup in Germany for max 500€ (roughly $600), that I can fit on my desk and connect to my PC via USB (any maybe phone via BT). As I prioritize deep and smooth bass...
  6. K

    Has anybody heard the new KEF KF92 sub? What are your opinions?

    It's rather new so so far I've got "opinions" based on listening experience prior to the release of this sub. I value that, some of those opinions are inteligent and a worthy experience. However, I'd like to get an opinion from an ASR member who is tough on audio BS, but is not judging the sub...
  7. L

    Genelec good enough?

    Been looking to purchase a system for the home office and wondering if anyone would consider Genelec to be comparable with a high end audio setup? I've been through the KEF Reference 1, the Devialet Phantom (one went kaput and Devialet apparently can't fix them so I sold those) and the KEF...
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