1. G

    KEF LS50 to Genelec 8040/4040A upgrade

    This is my first post in this fantastic community! I have learned (and bought) a lot! Big shout-out to Amirm and Erin for the reviews! I have an opportunity to buy some very cheap (300$ each) Genelec 4040A monitors (basically a 8040A with phoenix connector) in good shape. I have already bought...
  2. magicg_at

    Suggestion speaker combination

    Hi, I have already spent some time with interesting topics and information in this forum. Thank you for that! My current LCR system consists of 2x JBL XTI 80 and 1x ELAC SRL CENTER and 1x ELAC BASS 773. Maybe not the best combination. These Speakers are 20-25 years old. The room is approx. 25m²...
  3. I

    Focal Aria S906 vs KEF LS50 Meta

    Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Focal Aria S906 ($1000) and KEF LS50 Meta ($1000). They are both used in mint condition. As for my living room home theater set up, I already have Sony's HT-A9 with SA5 subwoofer, so this would mostly go into my bedroom which is around...
  4. harkpabst

    Happy birthday, Dr. Jack Oclee-Brown

    Happy birthday, @jackocleebrown ! Your personal history has now reached 2/3 of KEF's history. ;) No need to feel old because of this, in 20 years it will be a share of 3/4. :D I can assure you from personal experience that you have at least ten more good years to come before your body will...
  5. T

    [FS][EU] KEF LSX Wireless Speakers (All-in-1 system)

    For sale the critically-acclaimed (also excellent measurements in ASR) wireless desktop speakers KEF LSX (all-in-1 system) in red color. The speakers are in very good condition (see photos) and come with all accessories/original packaging + after-market custom protective covers (bought for...
  6. R

    KEF R3 Black, 5 months old, I want to trade for Revel M106

    Hi, Piano Black KEF R3 set. No damage or bumps nicks. (the piano black finish has a few super micro scratches which is typical, very minor - not noticeable and only from someone using a cloth to dust them) Sound great. Have all the original packing for shipping. I am looking to see if anyone...
  7. U

    FS: KEF LS50

    I’m selling a like new pair of KEF LS50 speakers in black color. I used these for two speaker shootouts and as my office speakers for just over a year. They sound fantastic and are very neutral. I am only selling to provide funds for my next speaker shootout. They are in excellent, like new...
  8. U

    SOLD: Revel Performa m105

    I’m selling a like new pair of Revel Performa m105 speakers in black color. I purchased these brand new a year ago and only used these for two speaker shootouts. They look and sound fantastic and are very neutral. I realized I don’t like that neutral sound. That’s the only reason I’m selling...
  9. V

    Can you Bi-Amp from the SAME Amp?

    I have the Cambridge CX81 (though looking into other options) powering my KEF R3s and SVS SB-1000 sub. The Cambridge has 2 sets of speaker outs. Could I use those to "Bi-Amp" the R3s or do I really need to use 2 different amps? I have two A07 on order for bi-amping. But am skeptical that they...
  10. G

    Considering several options for center, sides and surrounds...need some feedback please

    Hello! So I have the JBL 590s as Mains. Currently have been testing various options for center ( another 590 is not an option any time soon). The JBL 520c and 530 were not up to par as a center. The Klipsch 504c, RC-64 III and RC-7 have been the ones I have tested more now. So far the RC-7 and...
  11. N

    AIYIMA A09 for 3 way open baffle

    Hello everyone I am still embarking on this open baffle journey. I currently have a passible analog crossover for the Kef Q100 coaxial woofer and tweeter driver in the baffle. My goal is to actively blend two woofers coming that will arrive Wednesday and be placed on the same baffle...
  12. sweetchaos

    Kef Q150 Bookshelf Speaker (review by Erin)

    Thanks for another speaker review, @hardisj Discuss!
  13. P


    hi all, i wanted to connect a couple of good speakers to my Yamaha CA-610 amplifier in my bedroom, which measures 10 x 10 ft. I would like to use the stands placed at the corners, main use for listening to music, I would not like to use the subwoofer, only if necessary .. thanks to this forum...
  14. S

    Kef LS50 Meta - design breakdown by Dr Sebastien Degreave

    A fascinating insight into the design of the LS50 Meta. Lots of interesting visualisations so even a layperson like me can follow along!
  15. S

    Help building a lasting ~$10k system with apartment limitations

    Hey guys! First time building a system, but have been dreaming about it for a long time, so am very excited and looking to build something that I can enjoy at least for a few years before upgrading. Because of work, unfortunately, I don't have as much time as I'd like for researching and going...
  16. S

    Kef Reference 1 vs LS50M w subs

    Hello all! Sorry if this post is similar to discussions already had, I’ve read through everything and couldn’t quite find the info I was looking for. I’m looking to upgrade from my KEF LS50 speakers that I’ve owned for about 6 years. I’m currently running them with an Arcam A49, and am looking...
  17. D

    Old Onkyo Integra/B&W and New KEF - how to best integrate?

    Hi Guys, Hoping to get some help. I'm very new to the HT scene. I had recently bought the KEF Q750 for front L/R, and KEF Q650 as centre, and a Yamaha RXV-2085 AV receiver. I've now only realised behind some boxes in the basement, were a pair of Onkyo Integra TX-DS989 (apparently top of the...
  18. sweetchaos

    Kef Uni-Q generations and speakers

    I'm trying to figure out which Kef Uni-Q generations were used in which speaker series based on their announcement dates and further info. Kef Uni-Q website shows a current timeline...but with missing speakers to get the full picture. Sorted by Announcements Dates: Generations 1-7, from...
  19. K

    New 5.1 setup bookshelf front mains under about 1.5k

    I am replacing my old floorstanding speakers in my 5.1 setup with bookshelf speakers and I just cannot decide because I do not have a lot of listening possibilities here. I might swap out my really old mid channel so that might also get upgraded. My speakers are powered by a Denon AVR X3400H and...
  20. A

    Active vs Room Correction?

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm looking to 'upgrade' my existing streaming/TV (via HDMI) 2.1 channel set up and have narrowed down two options. I'm moving from a Sonos AMP with KEF Q350s and KEF Kube 10" Sub (will keep the sub and maybe upgrade to an SVS or KEF KC62 later). I...
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