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7.2.4 HT Speaker Placement/Setup and Other Questions


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Nov 1, 2023
Hi all - long time lurker, first time poster.

Doing my first real HT setup (Atmos 7.2.4) and would love some input on speaker selection, placement, and other miscellaneous items.

LCR: In-Wall KEF Ci3160RL
Side surround: In-Wall, KEF ?
Rear surround: In-Wall, KEF ?
Atmos: In-ceiling, KEF ?
AVR: Denon AVR-X4800H to drive all channels other than LCR. Plan to pay for Dirac Live.
LCR 3-Ch Amp: ?

I've attached a room layout with calculated angles from MLP to speakers. Some of these don't meet Atmos setup recommendations, and wondering if any issues are likely to get EQ'd out or if I should come up with another positioning solution.

L: 24deg
R: 23deg
SideL: 121deg
SideR: 107.5deg
SurrL: 159deg
SurrR: 147.2deg

1. Any issues or recommendations on this speaker placement? Any issues with the SideL and SurrL that are outside of recommended Atmos tolerances? Will Dirac Live correct for all of this well enough?
2. Do I need back boxes for the Ci3160RLs for LCR? KEF installation manual doesn't mention it and they don't make one as an accessory for these speakers. Would have to be custom and unclear whether it's necessary.
3. I think the measurements from the Ci3160RLs imply that even though the RLs are not aimed at the MLP, the horizontal dispersion should cover the MLP fine - maybe this will even have a positive impact on soundstage. Any thoughts?
4. The TV (83" OLED83C3P) will sit in the recessed alcove as seen in the room layout. This will cause the center channel to be out of plane with the R/L channels by 18". Any concerns here?
5. Recommendations for 3-channel amp to drive RCL?
6. Bi-amp vs single amp? Should I drive the tweeters on RCL with the Denon? Or just drive the whole RCL setup with the separate 3-channel amp in single amp config?
7. Recommendations for the surround and ceiling speakers? Was leaning towards a KEF solution for matching but am open to suggestions.
8. Thoughts on sub location(s)? Is 2 the appropriate number of subs for this space?
9. Any other feedback or recommendations welcome.



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