1. C

    Frankly, it's hell to choose an AVR

    Currently I have a Yamaha RX-A2060 for home theater and a Primare stereo amp for music. Due to lack of space, I would like to replace both of them with a new Home Theater AVR. It's really hard to make the right choice. When I go to listen to an AVR, it is each time in different conditions (room...
  2. juliangst

    Does a surround sound receiver make sense for stereo content?

    After reading about the new Schiit Syn I asked myself again if surround sound processing for stereo content is worth it . The Schiit is using one of the most simple ways to 'upmix' to surround by just playing the difference between L and R on the rear speakers to create a surround ambience. Home...
  3. A

    7.2.4 Home Theater first time build advice

    I've been doing research to learn the in's and out's of picking a good setup. That being said, I'm reaching a point where I'm hitting a lot of questions that don't have straight forward answers and is leaving me in hellish indecision loops of trying to find the best bang-for-buck on my budget. I...
  4. RF Air

    Denon AVR-X4800H released for Sale

    Received the Denon notification and was able to add it to my Denon.com Cart for purchase. Not sure if I want to wait on Test results, still need an AVR with it's capabilities, but already expect disappointment after the 3800 Review. Undecided :confused:
  5. J

    New Home Theater Setup - AVR Question

    Hello all - Over the past few days I've consumed what seems to be an overload of data and find myself semi going in circles when it comes to an AVR. Primary use will be Home Theater with music being secondary. Planned devices connected: cable box, Apple TV, maybe 1 gaming console. Setup...
  6. E

    Question regarding choosing an AVR with BMR Monitors as center and sides

    I’m in the process of setting up my first home theater system in my about 11’x15’ listening space. I plan to integrate the audio equipment I use and with be using the system for both critical listening and watching films. My music system presently consists of a Mac Mini --> Topping D10 -->...
  7. Sullen778

    Pre/Pro vs Preamp for stereo setup?

    Apologize if this is a dumb question, but most of what I can find online applies to multi-channel setups with surround processing and whatnot. I use my floorstanders in a 2-channel home theater type setup where we watch a lot of movies, stream television, and casually listen to music as well...
  8. Marc v E

    Best hifi buy vs top of the charts

    Thought I'd do a thread after the comments on the smsl dac that reminded me of a discussion after the minidsp flex. To be specific one on a chart about av interfaces, featuring both AVRs, dsp dacs and the likes of the Nad M33. I remember thinking: that's odd to place the minidsp flex on a chart...
  9. Matias

    Marantz "Cinema Series" "2022-2023" AV Launch Thread

    Now official. :) https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/marantz-cinema-series-av-receivers-are-stylish/ https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/marantz-cinema-series-range-guide-4269138 https://www.cepro.com/audio-video/marantz-cinema-series/
  10. W

    AVR with Room EQ and using external DAC

    I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now and thought I'd post. I'm finally upgrading my existing system. I listen to streaming music (classic rock and jazz) at moderate sound levels and some movies. I've been listening to music as an "audiophile-lite" for almost 50 years. I worked as a young...
  11. sarumbear

    Can an unused amplifier pair of Denon AVR-X3700H AVR be used to feed passive subwoofers? (Yes)

    I am considering upgrading a friend's AVR. As an entry level AVR Denon AVR-X3700H seems to be a good choice. The unit has nine amplifiers but my friend's setup is 5.2, hence there will be two redundant channels of amplification. My friend's subwoofers are passive. They are currently run through...
  12. The One Demon

    Best 8k AVR with at least 11.2/13.2 amplified channels?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of the 8k AVRs stand out from the rest? AFAIK, there is the Denon 6700H and 8500HA, and the Marantz SR8015... Are there any others? If not, are there really any major differences between these AVRs? They are all Audyssey XT32, power handling they are the same...
  13. Wack Audio

    Best amp under 500$?

    Despite weeks of research I can’t seem to find an amplifier that majority of people agree is a worthy unit. I am looking for sound quality mainly, and will use Elac B5.2 along with a Dayton sub1200. I currently have a (2011) Denon AVR 591 home theater receiver. This was their base model amp back...
  14. N

    Mid/High end Receiver and Amplifier suggestions (Nadz vs Arcam vs Emotiva) etc

    Dear ASR, Long-time reader, first time posting. Some info: I am moving into a new home where a (4m width x 5m depth x 3.8m height) will be a dedicated room for home theatre (70%) and stereo music (30%). I am currently running a 7.2.4 setup with atmos with Kef R- series for speakers and SVS...
  15. ThatM1key

    My Predictions Of The Future AVR

    This is my predictions of the future AVR. Editing is not the best but get's the point down. The Front: No volume control knob. Volume is controlled by the TV (via eARC/ARC) and by the AVR remote. Power button is still here due to mainly emergency reasons and factory resets. Although the...
  16. S

    Entry-level AVR Recommendation for HIFI Noob?

    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my system with a new stereo receiver that is a little more reliable and future-proofed. At the moment my gear is the following (inherited the AVR and turntable from a family member): AVR: Sony STR-VX350 Speakers: Edifier P12 Turntable: Pioneer PL-518 In general...
  17. ThatM1key

    What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR?

    Like the title says, What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR? I used to be a major DSD & high-res freak but now I am perfectly happy with CD quality music. I have a Sony STR-DN1080, which I am fairly certain it can reproduce CD quality music well, Anything above CD...
  18. luft262

    Denon X3700H vs x4700H

    The Denon X3700H is about $1,500 and the Denon X4700H is about $2000. These AVRs represent the best of the budget I am willing to spend on my next AVR. As far as I can see the only differences are that the X4700H has DDSC, Clock Jitter Reducer, Alpha Processing, and 20 extra watts per channel...
  19. A

    Pioneer AVR vs Emotiva Pre/Amp

    HI I am new to the forum, but been a long time reader. I have an old pioneer vsx 820k 110W x 5 receiver that i am using to power a pair of tekton M lore's and a SVS sb 1000 pro sub for base. Listening to music and the occasional movie (2.1 Channels only) I was looking for an upgrade and was...
  20. R

    Parasound sound comparisons A21+ vs Zonemaster2350

    I just ordered 4 ohm Tekton double impact SE speakers and am trying to decide between Parasound A21+ vs Zonemaster2350. One is A/AB vs D Class. Also are there any current AVR that could measure up? Thanks everyone!!!!
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