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Need help solving an intermittent buzz/hiss from my AVR


Jan 25, 2024
Hi all -

I have a buzz/hiss I can "sometimes" hear from my speakers from my seated position. It sounds almost like a decaying buzz/hiss... as if I were to leave it alone long enough, the buzz would just dissipate. Here are my particulars:
  • Marantz SR8001
I use it in 7-channel input mode to power speakers with my Denon x3600h, but... it is the Marantz that is the problem. When I unplug everything and just run the Marantz with speakers connected and nothing else, I still hear the noise (at times). There are other times when it is as quiet as it ever was. It still sounds great when the problem isn't rearing its ugly head. But every so often, it just starts buzzing. At loud volume levels of persistent music, I cannot hear it, but during quiet passages, I can hear it from my MLP.

A couple additional tidbits of note: I ran my Marantz for almost 15+ years of heavy usage, not turning it off for the last couple of years as it was connected running as power - it is connected in a separate room from my MLP. Since I have started hearing this intermittent issue, I have walked around to the other room to turn it on and off before and after each session. Since doing this, I haven't noticed experiencing the problem.

I don't have a Marantz service center in my city, and packaging it up and sending it off just to "dig around" might be a higher cost than the present-day value of the unit. I was hoping someone might have some insight into what the problem could be. I may be inclined to try and solve it locally with a vintage service tech I trust, if I can point them in the right direction and the solution doesn't involve the motherboard.

Sounds like it's picking up a cell phone signal.
Yeah, I had thought about that. turned lights off... unplugged other things, turned off my phone. I still got the buzz. I do have a refrigerator "near" it. Where it is now, it is 5-10 ft away. When I moved it into another room, it was the same 10 ft away, but it was through a wall. Same sound. And intermittent.
Bad capacitor...

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