1. rolltide

    Three Channel Amplifier Recommendations

    Hello friends - I'm looking for a three channel amplifier to power my LCR speakers. Here's my setup: Denon AVR-X3800H SVS Ultra Bookshelf (front left and right), recommended power: 20-150 watts SVS Ultra Center, recommended power: 20-225 watts SVS Ultra Surrounds SVS Ultra Bookshelf (rear left...
  2. R

    Got 2 Fosi ZA3 recently but now its V3 Mono.. feel shortchanged

    So couple of months back I scored the ZA3, run in monoblocks with 48V bricks. Now Fosi announced the V3 monoblocks with PFFB. I feel shortchanged and/or buyer's remorse ( probably a bit of both and may be unjustifiably ) Can someone add fuel to the fire or probably extinguish the anguish ...
  3. F

    Speakers/ampli balance for a streaming system

    Dear all, I'm looking to start my audiophile adventure and i need to set up a good starting system around 2500-2700€. My room is 15-20 square meters with quite low ceilings and grit floors. I'm very undecided about either getting an all-in-one streamer amplifier or a separate streamer and an...
  4. orchardaudio

    Measurements of the Audio Alchemy Overture OM150

    I had a local customer let me borrow their Audio Alchemy Overture OM150 amplifier. This amplifier has a separate power supply (PSU150), see picture. Here are the measurements. I only did 8 ohm measurements as all specifications I was able to find online listed only 8 ohm numbers.
  5. Abstracted

    Two semi-clean monoblocks VS. One super-clean 2-channel amp?

    Which is better: Two monoblocks or one super clean 2 channel amp? Details: Monoblocks: 2x Aiyima A07 Max in mono. ($163 total including external 12V trigger | SINAD 89.) Stereo amp: Topping PA7. ($290 open box with warranty | SINAD 102 with excellent channel separation.) They'll be used to...
  6. elshaddai

    For desktop audio, is there any real benefit to going beyond mini-D amplifiers?

    I'm talking about bookshelf and smaller speakers that are at most 3-4 feet away from your listening position. 60-70dB is typical, maybe +10-20 if you want to go crazy. If I understand the general math correctly, we're talking about just a few watts of power. So, is there any realistic difference...
  7. A

    Fosi Audio BT30D audio start delay

    Hi, I have a Fosi Audio BT30D (non pro version) connected to a pair of 8 ohm 60-100w speakers. Input is RCA from desktop PC. I am happy with the audio quality and loudness. I have a small room so I drive it at 50% amp volume usually. The problem is that whenever there is no audio output the amp...
  8. Brand-Newbie’n

    Polk & Pioneer Audio Advice - Class D Amp, Bi-Amping, Ohms

    Hi all, Newbie hear! Never had a stereo setup before (alway had portable speakers). Just bought my first stereo setup (below). My purchase was very cost/performance based. I.e - I am more interested in playing just music with with my receiver, but bought this 7.2 Pioneer receiver because it had...
  9. B

    Help, new to all this

    Hey, so short background, I have been in car audio for about 20 years now but only on the spl side of things. Back then, I only cared about subs and amps nothing forward to today, I jumped over to the SQ side and find it very interesting how everyone in SQ is learning or knows how to...
  10. nawfal07

    Eversolo AMP-F2 Class D Power Amplifier (Coming Soon)

    Eversolo has teased a new product at the Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition last week. It's a Class D power amplifier and if I can read it right the model name is AMP-F2. This will be the first amplifier from the company, which is a subsidiary of Zidoo. Their first few products...
  11. D

    What is a vertical sound stage?

    I hear in reviews about amps that some have a large vertical sound stage. What is a vertical sound stage exactly? I feel like I know a horizontal sound stage, the separation of instruments and vocals. But I am not sure what exactly is meant by a 'large vertical sound stage'
  12. S

    LXmini Setup: Best DAC/Amp Combo with TV and Bluetooth Compatibility

    Hi everyone, This is my first post here, and I'm excited to be a part of this community. Over the past few months, I've been delving into the world of audio science and learning about the components involved in a setup. However, I still consider myself a noob in this field, and I'd love to...
  13. TOOdamnFRANK

    FS: NITSCH X Schiit Magni PIETY Headphone Amp & PreAmp (New in Box)

    New in box, limitied edition (1 of 1,000) I purchased 2 when they released bc I was paranoid about them selling out and dont have a need for two of them. Amp is listed on ebay for $175 start price at the Link below. Schiit X Nitsch Piety Amp...
  14. JediMa

    JDS Atom amp

    I own an Atom for a couple of years thanks to your excellent advice. I saw now that exists the Atom +. In case I would like to upgrade my headphones amp, should I get the Atom+ or I should go for something more expensive?
  15. kiranmatrixlee

    How to get DBFB in a new generation music system?

    I am using an old Hi-Fi system(Sony MHC-W777AV) for enjoying music. In this, I have a DBFB(Dynamic Bass Feedback) button. If I press that, I can hear low and smoothened bass from this small woofer which is impressive. Not only the bass but the total music experience is also enhanced. How Can I...
  16. B

    NAD 3020B as a headphone amplifier

    Hey, I'm currently using a vintage NAD 3020B as a headphone and speaker amplifier paired with a topping d10s, I have many pairs of headphones, my main pair being the hd 6xx. I feel like I could be sacrificing some sound quality using this unit as an amplifier for my headphones and was thinking...
  17. G

    New to the Forum! I have some questions regarding the DAC to purchase in my situation.

    Hello everyone! I've been lurking on this site for a while but finally made an account to ask some questions. So currently, I am trying to find the best solution for a DAC to be used as a Headphone amplifier, as well as for connecting to my speaker Amplifier powering a set of Bowers and Wilkins...
  18. boXem

    (not that much) desperate manufacturer needing your advise

    Dear ASR community, we would like to ask your sincere input to decide what's next for boXem. All the ideas from the poll have a design started (schematics more or less ready) but need time and money to be produced. Since days are only 24 hours, time is somehow limited. Money is mainly needed...
  19. D

    Better two channel sound questions

    Hi! First post here, seems like a great place to be :). I'm trying to straighten my thoughts out and post this wider post in this area. I want to get better 2 channel music sound and summarize my situation below. The Yamaha receiver can't handle the Kanta speakers in a good way (too weak amps...
  20. orchardaudio

    Orchard Audio Holiday Sale 2022!

    See the website for full details:
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