1. F

    Looking for am amp up to about £150/$. Sabaj, SMSL & Loxjie look promosing.

    So from reading around the SMSL A100 seems a good bet but have come across a lot of other options but could not find full reviews of them here so wondered if the A100 was what people recommend. I will be using them with Q Acoustic 3020i speakers. A lot of the time I will be using a computer to...
  2. T

    Can an Audient Evo 4 drive a Hifiman Sundara?

    Hello, I have a Hifiman Sundara and wonder if the Audient Evo 4 could power it. I looked up what others asked on these forums and found the power calculator where I added the Sundara's data as per its docs: Then looked for the Evo's technical documentation at...
  3. Z

    MT-602 and bookshelf speakers

    Hello, how are you doing? Sorry for my ignorance, but I have found some conflicting information online and I would like some thoughts on what I am trying to do. Currently i have a Topping e30 DAC + MT602 tube amplifier. I use this set up to power up my HD650, and I truly love it. However, i...
  4. H

    FS: Buckeye 4-channel amplifier - like new condition

    Get your Buckeye amp much sooner! I have a mint condition Buckeye NC252MP 4-channel amp available. Being the original owner, this amplifier was bought less than 2 weeks ago and was used all of four times for running Atmos channels. Looking to sell for $827. Shipping is included w/ the price...
  5. S

    Help needed with multi-speaker amp project

    Hello, First post on the forum, thanks for having me. I'm a fairly experienced audio person, but new to the electronic/circuit side of things. Basically, I have to set up an audio experiment for a PhD. 9 streams of independent audio are to be fed to 9 different small speakers in a room. The...
  6. xtrap225

    impedance question for electronics wizards.

    i am hoping someone with a very good understanding of electronics can answer this for me. i have this AIYIMA A3001 TPA3255 Subwoofer amplifier, and i am wondering if it has intelligence or inherent or otherwise that would prevent you from plugging in a subwoofer wired down to 1ohm. i have...
  7. slurp

    FS: NAD C298 [US]

    Original owner purchased 12/20. Is in like-new condition and has no issues. Asking $2,000 (includes shipping to the contiguous U.S).
  8. orchardaudio

    Orchard Talks DIY Amplifiers with Toid's DIY Audio

    Join me as I discuss DIY amplifiers with Toid's DIY Audio, this Saturday at 10am EST. Toid's Links
  9. S

    FS: Apollon Audio Purifi 1et400a Mini Stereo Amplifier *US Only*

    I am selling a nearly brand new Apollon Audio Purifi 1et400a Mini Stereo Amplifier. It was originally purchased in July 2021 and took two months to arrive to my doorstep in the US. A large portion of that was customs of course. I think everyone here is pretty familiar with Apollon and Purifi...
  10. C

    Hegel H160 problem

    Hello dear users! Not sure about theme choice, but I need help. My amplifier generates noises time after time. I’ve made a video for demonstration, noises can be stable or lower/higher level. Maybe someone is faced with such problem? It literally makes my setup unusable. Thank you!
  11. orchardaudio

    Free Starkrimson Mono Bare PCBs

    Hello, I have some Starkrimson Mono Amp Module bare PCBs that I will give away for free, you just have to cover the cost of shipping. Please note that to receive the BOM for these boards you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Since I am giving these away for free, I request that...
  12. Naja

    Question about BJTs

    At one point a friend of mine bought a very old amplifier from the 1960s and invited me over to try it out. Before listening we opened it up and saw it was running on BJTs, standard for the time period. So, we hooked it up to a pair of KEF R3s and started blasting after which a very strange...
  13. orchardaudio

    SOLD!!!: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra - 500W GaN amps SOLD!!!

    I have 2 x Starkrimson Stereo Ultra review units, one with a black front panel and one with silver. Black front panel w/ XLR input -- $1500 + shipping (2500 MSRP) Silver Front panel w/XLR input -- $1650 + shipping (2700 MSRP) -- SOLD Both have some minor dings and scratches and will come with a...
  14. mononoaware

    SMSL DA-9 Review - Cause of clipping behaviour.

    So in this review they mention the DA-9 sounds like it’s “clipping” when sent signal with strong bass frequencies while using with inefficient speakers. What could be the cause of this? First thought was possibly lack of proper application of thermal paste which I have seen mentioned in posts...
  15. A

    Newbie question. I bought an AVR but I'm not impressed by the sound. If I get a preamp then could I use my AVR solely as a power amp?

    Hey everyone, second post here. I bought a used Denon S540H along with two KEF Q150 speakers, and while the sound is pretty great there is a lot of static noise that is coming through at medium-to-high volumes. I also feel like the sound could be a lot better. Aside from that, I hate the Heos...
  16. D

    Worthwhile Plate Amp Candidates<=100W

    Hey all, I've been having fun with my recent DIY speakers, but I'm routinely disappointed with my hand-me-down, buzzy receiver or my distorted at high volume, no headroom desktop budget all-in-one amplifier. I like the way my buddy's JBL LSR305's are set up on the back, and as much as possible...
  17. R

    Digitally reducing volume when connecting DSP directly to power amplifier

    My current setup takes all its different inputs into a MiniDSP 2x4HD which acts as my DAC, and the output is connected directly into the power amplifier (main in) of my NAD C352 (80W per channel). Volume is controlled on the DSP. Currently, to get output volume at 0dB on the DSP that's not too...
  18. A

    Amp Suggestion for Q acoustic 3030i Marantz pm5005/SMSl-DA9/Sabaj-20a etc?

    Hello i currently have my Q acoustics 3030i hooked up with Toping E30 + SMSL AD18. Want to update the amp to something like Marantz pm5005/SMSl-DA9/Sabaj-20a etc. Which one will be the best to pair with my existing E30 and 3030i ?Any suggestion for anything else? Thanks !!!
  19. B

    High pitch single frequency sound caused by headphone Amp

    I have purchased an ARCHEL2 Pro headphone Amp. The first couple of days, everything is fine. When I listen to music today, there are very loud high pitch single-frequency sounds suddenly played in my headphone. No matter I unplug the input cable, switch the mode between high&low gain, change the...
  20. audio_noob_69

    Audio noob wants help with portable headphone DAC/AMP selection

    Dear members of Audio Science Review, Lately I have been trying to figure out how to upgrade my music listening experience. I own the Sony MDR-ZX660 headphones. I listen to music using my laptop or my phone. Usually, I listen to mp3 files (320kbps). I am not satisfied with the sound quality of...
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