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  1. A

    acoustic problems in my home studio (garage)- please help

    Hello everybody, I have a home studio in my garage (6.20x4x2.60 meters). I did an acoustic treatment with DIY bass traps using rock wool with a density of 70 (120x60x8cm each). I placed them at the points of the first reflection using the mirror technique. I put corner bass traps in the corners...
  2. T

    Have I used too many bass traps ? 100-400Hz decays faster than 500+Hz!

    Recently I have upgraded the HT/listening room with acoustic treatments. Now, the REW measurements show 100-400Hz region decays faster than the 500+Hz region. Also something strange is happening around 50Hz and 85Hz. The REW experts here - would you mind having a look at the REW measurements...
  3. sarumbear

    My acoustically treated Home Theatre (updated)

    Most recent update is here. I have been posting about benefits of acoustic treatment of a room, especially in larger rooms. I believe that if done right it is a better, and if you have basic carpentry skills, a much cheaper option then using multiple subwoofer setups. I have the degree to do it...
  4. eyes-on-you

    Revel F228BE for 10’x 14’x 8,66’ Room

    Hello, I moved to a new house. I have a dedicated room for my hi-fi setup. I am free in acoustic tratement and placement. Do you think the Revel F228 would be big in a room of this size? How should I place the speakers? For now, there is a large diffuser in the front. I placed the system on...
  5. T

    Absorber placement for behind speaker

    I have towers that are 4' tall. I had some leftover fabric and built four 2'x2'x4" absorbers which I plan to put on the front wall behind the speaker. My question is how high/low do I put them? I was thinking about having one extend 15" above the speaker then 9" below and then I'm wondering...
  6. K

    Advice on acoustic room treatments for home hifi

    Hi, I’m after some advice on potential acoustic treatments for my living room. I’ve made a reasonable investment in my hifi set up over the last few years (mainly Naim) but concerned that room acoustics in my apartment living room is becoming quite a limiting factor. Room is 5.5m x3.8m...
  7. ZeDestructor

    Advice for designing a room from scratch

    Hi all, So, as the title says, thanks to plans for building a new house from the ground up, I have the opportunity to do basically whatever I want for my main computer/gaming/audio/office room, and would like some advice and reading materials on the subject. Restrictions and properties that...
  8. M

    Is using monitor speakers possible in my tiny bedroom?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to mix my songs in my tiny bedroom. Is mixing with monitor speakers a viable option in this room? Sorry for the bad drawing, but here are the approximate measurements of my room: L: 280cm (110") W: 250cm (98.4") H: 240cm (94"). I typed the measurements into Bob Gold's...
  9. G

    Weird question about room treatment

    Hello! I have a weird question. My mom is doing cross stitching, so I wanted to ask, what do you think of cross stitch picture with wooden frame as a room treatment? It's a fabric, without a glass and with a wooden frame - worth a try? Thanks!
  10. 617

    Building Acoustic Panels at Low Cost

    This is a project I've wanted to do for a while. I just ordered some wood and insulation for delivery from Home Depot here in the USA to make 8 acoustic panels, each 23" x 47.5" x 3 5/8" (~60 cm x 120 cm x 8.8cm) It turns out that making eight panels is a sensible and economical number of...
  11. S

    Basement ceiling acoustics

    Hi all. I am planning a new house in WA with a basement media room. Concerning the ceiling, I am thinking that exposed joists on the ceiling would be far better than drywall or tongue and groove decking because a complex ceiling would break up a lot of reflections. Anyone here have special...
  12. RDacoustic

    Building a High End Listening Room Part 2: Fine-tuning the Acoustics

    This is a second part of a post about the construction of our listening room, this time concerning acoustic adjustments. The goal: the best possible listening space. Basic Properties of the Room A quiet place, far from low frequency vibrations caused by cars, trucks, trams, etc. The room is...
  13. RDacoustic

    Building a High End Listening Room Part 1: Goals, Construction Works, Diffusers

    This is an account of the process and the steps we took when building our listening room last year. This part deals with preparations, plans and the construction, while the second part will deal with acoustic tuning and include more theory+advice+measurements. The goal: the best possible...
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