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What is on your workbench right now?

Weeb Labs

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Jun 24, 2020
The lab might be tidy but the bedroom bench certainly isn't. :rolleyes:


A little bit of everything, really.


These are an ADAU1467 board, ADAU1701 and an Amanero USB-I2S interface clone.
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Apr 26, 2020
Another guitar amp that someone else tried to repair and failed miserably at. This time, it might not even be economically feasible. It's a cheap amp and some traces got absolutely mangled. May or may not be repairable, I don't know. Running wires would be doable, if the connected passives weren't surface mount.

Anyway, what's going on is U6, a 7812 linear regulator IC, had problems with overheating and failing, so Peavey replaced the part. The problem is, somebody did it in this amp and really managed to screw things up. Pads on the bottom side of the PCB? gone. Traces on the top? Heat damaged and separating from the PCB. Ugh.


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Oct 11, 2021
hi not sure this is correct section to post ,,,, AMP electrical advice needed .
circuitry design n testing beyond my volt meter on caps n stuff is not my area of experteise a meer novice for 40 years :oops: .
keen to learn Again ..like the look of pma s test equip. espensive no doubt like everthing these days .my MBP 16 inch 2020 replacment screen £800 sterilng. wtf i have old G4S like tanks you cant break them if you try tft screen good enough ,one gets to a certain age joins fourms like these gets even less sleep and cant see sod all anyway , all this HD stuff its for kids to make supermen films with .
i mean my £1200 iphone is made of glass yes the back to .:facepalm: i know im over the apple barrel ive said no more before have you ??

In the picture my DAD Flying mole M100-pro HT mono .switching.amp 120vac.
ive had these years and fairly enjoyable not the RCA though.
1x each to ditton 44s. not the best match would prefer some anolog monos on those beauts ,even x2 small a slight bright tube or purifi e EVAL1 maybe way to go been looking at nord to
Back to subject is there anything that i should double check in the Flying mole board that i could ? the one that i did not mis power i cant see any faults (burns swellings n checked all i can all seems ok untill i get to the last stage at output ( checking again today .
can provide detailed pics .
The other
long short,,, i mistakenly on a dimmly lit ,fiddling with cables feeds n runs systems tables plugged the 240V into,The mole 120vac.
well the fuse in the amps went but that dident save somthing ? question is what im testing best i can today ( diLogic multi on caps.resitors
whatever i can with bit of guidence perhaps or just an opinion on best path of action

look forward to response


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