1. hwlr

    Influence of bad soldering jobs

    Hello everyone! I just soldered a new connector to my headphones' cable and was wondering: is the quality of my... let's say perfectible :D solders influencing the sound? I can't hear a difference, but the answer may be interesting from a technical point of view. Thanks!
  2. M

    2.5mm PEEK (your friend for lead-free hotness) stereo connectors?

    My current short IEM cable is a DIY affair incorporating these 2-pin connectors by Eidolic (a new Shenzhen hifi mfg?) to re-terminate a stock cable whose IEM-side connectors failed. Turns out the polymer surrounding the pins (called PEEK) has a really high melting point. Usually soldering...
  3. pma

    What is on your workbench right now?

    I am curious what what is on your workbench right now. I am testing a "small" power amplifier module :).
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