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What headphone(s) do you own ?

Oct 3, 2020
It's easy to become a gear hoarder in this hobby but I feel I've broken out of it finally, I came to a conclusion that in the end there really is no, A is better than B, it's a massive pool of flavours. I used to love darker sounding headphones but tend to favour headphones with better dynamics due to superior range.
This is really what I needed to hear, I feel as if lately I've been looking for that next headphone like a consumer addiction. When it comes down to it, I could be completely happy with something modest like a HE400i 2020 version and may eventually get to it one day. Lately, it's gotten to the point where I have 7 different headphones and honestly, two of them I don't even really like (HD6xx, HD58x) as much as I've tried to, so I plan on selling those. It's just not worth keeping stuff around that you aren't excited to use even if they're so heavily referenced and loved online. You eventually know the stuff you love because you're reaching out to listen to it.

Something else I've found about TOTL headphones is that while I do agree that a lot of headphones do get technically better as you move up, most of them are tuned somewhat bright rather than neutral - almost as if with every brand as you move up in price they just keep getting brighter and brighter and brighter (perhaps they tune them this way assuming the only people who can afford TOTL are older people who can't hear as well into the treble regions perhaps? or maybe to trick people into thinking there is more detail than there actually is?). I prefer my stuff to sound reasonable without having to touch an EQ - with an EQ being an optional thing if I decide to do it, and in the case of bright headphones like most of the ones TOTL or thereabouts, it's literally uncomfortable for me to listen to them without EQ which is something that personally puts me off of them. The only cans that I've been able to enjoy in the higher end have been Audezes and the Hifiman Edition X V2 - and even Audezes are susceptible to the 'treble creep' theory I have, just have a look at the LCD2C, to the LCD2 to the LCD3, they clearly keep getting brighter and brighter as you go up in price.


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Nov 21, 2020
I've been using a modded hybrid. My regular cans before were Sony MDR-V700DJ, but the leatherette on both the band and cushions rotted. I still have the guts hoping I can rejuvenate them down the road somehow.
This all started awhile ago (2 years now?), wanting to try the Pyle frames out as a sacrificial pair and utilize the Peerless 2"/50mm paper-coned driver units. Most are polyethylene, and that set these apart. The cheap Pyle frames allowed me to audition them and know that I liked what I heard.
The Pyle frames had issues with durability, and assembly inconsistencies that made them not a completely viable solution. Stock they were horrible.
Then I sought out a better set of frames to continue with, and found the Talent SMH580 for dirt-cheap at the PE tent sale. I like the fit and feel of this 'AKG-esque' frame, and found it would be suitable and accepted 50mm drive units. Then- they were discontinued. Stock the bass was a little strong, and a little soft in the mids with polite treble.
And as you saw above if you clicked the link, PE also stopped carrying the Peerless drive units.
So, I was able to find replacements relatively easily/inexpensively....
Digikey is a source for Tymphany products, and they stock them:
(The image on the item's online-page is not the correct image, and clicking the spec-sheet document shows the correct one.)
I was able to find a set of Stellar-Labs HP580 cans from Newark that looked very familiar, though a bit more red color is utilized:
AND- they were on sale (still are even) for about $18! Even the internals match that of the older Talent frames.
There are other options that are similar, like PreSonus HD7, available from Amazon:
...but their cost is too high for sure! $18 is a lot better, added the cost of the Peerless units making the total about $40.
So- recap:
  • Stellar Labs HP580 or Talent SMH580 or PreSonus HD7 frames.
  • Peerless 50mm paper drive units, model HPD-50N25PR00-32
1- I gently removed the cushions from the frames.
2- I removed the 4 tiny screws from the face of the driver mount to gain access, and that is really all it takes to get in there.
3- Just snip the wires close to the elements to remove the whole assembly to work on it. I would leave about 0.25" wire on the driver to verify polarity before soldering later, as this ended up being the same in position on the Peerless units.
4- Use a small screw driver to work at the adhesive around the stock driver unit, and it will come free with very little elbow grease.
5- Remove the sticker that faces the listener's ear. It's a 'quadrant of a donut' shape, and says "Monitoring Headphone DYNAMIC" on it. All this does is reduce the midband when in place. If done right and you prefer them in place, you can reinstall them. I liked them better without.
6- Install electrical tape across 3 of the 6 open vents facing the listener. This will lower the tuning and tighten up the bass. I covered the 3 holes toward the rear of my head when worn because my Sony headphones' bass holes were towards the front of my head. I figured they knew why they did that.
7- Glue Peerless driver elements in with E6000 (about 2-3 hr cure time), around the entire perimeter of the driver for a good seal and to prevent rattles.
8- Place batting in the cups. I used about 4" square, 1/2" thick pieces of wool batting, but Ultratouch, Dacron, etc could all be substituted. I even bet cotton balls would be a worthy method for this. You can't get it too thick, or the mounting plate won't reinstall in the cup.
9- Solder terminals after glue has dried, and reinstall plate screws and cushions.
10- Enjoy!
I have a yearning to try adhesive felt around the inner perimeter of the cups as it seems like there is a midbass spot that might be resonating slightly, but I am really splitting hairs. The cups are pretty thin material and could be the reason, but who wants a heavy headphone?
I find the top-end to be polite, and nothing is offensive in relative output. These are comfortable, detailed, and sound much better than $40 has a right to. About 10 people have tried them whom ears I tend to trust, and no one has disliked them.
Had another friend try these yesterday, and I think he had to pick his jaw off the floor before he smiled and said "these are great!" Then I told him I had $40 in them, and he just shook his head in disbelief. He also said he thought they were 'definitely better than Bose', but I don't know which model he was referring to.

Then he listened to the Beston RH85A I have at the moment, and we both feel while the planar-style is more clear and open, the bass is just too light in comparison. We both prefer the balance of the modded cans I did.
Jul 8, 2019

Sennheiser HD600 (Purchased in 2008) [My Fav]
Audio Technica M50 (Purchased around 2010 maybe?) [Needed a closed headphone for recording vocals]
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm (Purchased in 2015)
Beyerdynamic DT177X GO (Purchased in April 2019) [Preferred closed back for now]


Sennheiser IE8i (Purchased in 2009)
Beyerdynamic T51i (Purchased in 2014) [Now dead from a terrible cable. Warrantied and failed again. Only headphone I've ever had fail]
Samsung Galaxy Buds (Purchased in 2019) [Replaced IE8i for me and sounded better]
Audio Technica M50X (Purchased in 2019)
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (Freeeeee in 2020)


Oct 4, 2020
Central Florida
I'm quite new to the world of headphones and IEM's. Prior to recently I only owned some Bose Bluetooth headphones which worked quite well for about 2 years, then they broke :).

So far the list is as follows:
Apple AirPods Pro (Returned)
Moondrop Starfields (Also returned)
Moondrop SSP (Got them the day they came out)
Denon D5200 (Got them for black Friday sale)

I always been a speaker person for as long as I can remember, so this stuff is quite new to me.
I'm really liking the Denon's, also ordered a Schiit Asgard + DAC so that will be fun when it arrives.
Feel free to ask me anything about what I owned if needed.
Cheers guys
Dec 17, 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria
Currently own:

Bowers & Wilkins P5 series 2
AirPods 2

Previously owned:

Sony MDR-CD380
Sennheiser HD 201
Sony MDR-EX71
Grado Alessandro Music Series One
Altec Lansing iM716
Westone UM3X
Klipsch Custom 3
Audio-Technica ATH-A1000X
Shure SE110
Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic


Nov 29, 2020
I added Apple Airpod max just before Christmas.
A bit bass heavy for a natural balance on classical but fun on rock.
I tried these out at Apple Grand Central NYC last week and must say I was very impressed. Noise cancellation was excellent and the spatial audio was spooky. If they were in stock I would have walked out with them.


Nov 29, 2020
Sony MDR-7506 - mix reference and R&D
(“if it sounds good on these, it will sound good on ANYTHING”)™
Apple AirPods Pro (running-gym / phone calls / MS Teams)
Alclair Triple Driver Reference (live gigs - travel - now paired with FiiO Q3)
Audio Technica AT-H2 (Vintage - purchased in 1987 / tracked my first record on these!)
ATH-M40x - “meh”
Sennheiser Momentum II - remote work / WFH - Apple TV
HD-6XX - paired with Schiit Magnius / Modius. Office listening / reference system.
Jan 8, 2021
HD 660S - not impressed, very comfy pair, but stock sound too grainy/harsh (can be compensated with EQ) and huge bass roll-off (can be *partially* compensated with EQ)
ATH-R70X -- good stock tuning, good bass, but boring to listen for me. Idk why. And headband with two pads not very convenient on my head.
HD800 - too bright for me. sold them quickly before even got knew about that mod or EQ.
HD800S - was my preferable headphone with few basic EQ filters before i have bough ananda's
Ananda - enjoyable even without EQ, good stock tuning for instrumental music and vocals. But really shines after EQ, and soundstage as wide as 800s for me. Comfy and somewhat light (in huge planars category)
LCD-2C - not impressed at all, good textured bass and slam, but all other frequenices sounds just bad and wierd. May be usable for some electronic music. I was tried to EQ them, but don't got really good results, may be because of high unit variation or different revisions.
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Feb 15, 2019
AKG K371 (My go-to for listening, shines especially with densely produced modern music)
AKG K612 (Good for live music with enhanced imaging)
Crative Aurvana Live!

KZ ZST (Go-to in-ears, sound balanced an exciting at the same time)
Philips SHE3885
Sony MH755
(Seals perfectly all the time)

Beyerdynamic DT250-250 (Sound and comfort was good but channel imbalance drove me nuts)
Beyerdynamic DT250-80
Koss KSC50
Koss KSC75
Sennheiser HD201
Sennheiser HD202
Sennheiser PX100
Sony MDR 7506
(Great comfort, sound was just OK)
Superlux HD562
Superlux HD662F
(Ruined by build and weird treble, despite high Harman score)
Supåerlux HD661

Etymotic ER4PT (overly mid-focused)
Etymotic HF3
LG Quadbeat 2
LG Quadbeat 3
LG Quadbeat Tuned by AKG
Philips SHE8105
Samsung Tuned by AKG EO-IG955B
(Never got proper seal)
Sony MH1
VSonic GR07 Bass Edition
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Sep 17, 2019
Focal elex
Beyerdynamic dt880
Sony ex800
Alessandro ms1

speakers are axiom lfr1100 with ep500 subwoofer
Apr 1, 2018
Headphones: ZMF Verite Open, Hifiman Arya, Hifiman HE6SE, Audeze Sine, Denon D5200, Sennheiser HD600, Emu Rosewood
IEMs: Hidition Viento, Unique Melody MEST, and a lot more....


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Mar 11, 2020

Here’s my mid-fi collection:
  • Focal Elex
  • Focal Elegia
  • Sennheiser HD660S
  • Sennheiser/Drop HD58X
  • Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50X
  • FiiO FH5
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Aftermarket cables from Audiophile Ninja, Hart Audio, and Periapt
A few random thoughts:

The Focals are very dynamic, with great slam and detail. The Elex sounds more natural, but the Elegia has more punch. I find both fun to listen to and reasonably comfortable for up to a couple of hours.

The two Sennheisers are quite similar, though to my ear the 660 is cleaner across the spectrum than the 58X. Both are comfortable enough for working at the computer all day. Even though the Focals are more exciting, I find myself listening to the 660S more than the others due to their better comfort and smooth tonality.

I primarily use the Beyers for checking mixes. As you know, they’re terribly bright, but that can be advantageous when you’re hunting down little anomalies in a mix. I also sometimes run them through Sonarworks which smooths the FR and makes them much more tolerable for longer sessions. I prefer the balanced over the analytical pads.

The Audio-Technicas are pretty terrible for normal listening, but I keep them around for monitoring in live performance situations where I need a rugged and cheap closed back for throwing around.

I find most IEMs uncomfortable so I don’t end up using the FiiOs much. I find the Airpods Pro mostly tolerable, and because they’re so incredibly convenient I end up using them a lot more than my other IEMs.

I do most of my listening at a desk, so I prefer a cable in the 4’-5’ range. The stock Sennheiser cables are OK but too long, the Focal cables look great but are too stiff and feel terrible. I‘ve tried aftermarket cables from Periapt, Hart Audio, Audiophile Ninja, and some cheapies from Amazon and Ebay. The Periapt are well made, but the design of the junction is such that it easily gets caught on the desk (quite annoying after a while). The Hart Audio have a clever modular design that’s nice if you need both 1/4” and XLR plugs, though they seem a little more fragile than the others. Overall, my favorites are the Audiophile Ninja cables, which check all of the boxes and appear to be the highest quality of those that I’ve tried.

I started using Roon last year and dove into EQing all of my headphones. Every one was pretty dramatically improved with EQ, with the 660S perhaps benefitting the most. I’ve had great luck with Oratory1990’s Harman Target EQs.

Thanks for taking a look.
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