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Jan 26, 2023
Hello everyone! Great to be a part of this forum .

I have recently fully treated my room and am finally ready to upgrade my monitors (I didn’t want to change monitoring before treating my room).

I have a budget of £2.5k ish and am torn between:

1. Neumann KH150 (new)
2. Neumann KH310 (used, selling at same price as KH150 new)
3. PMC Result 6
or anything else like Amphion One 15 + amp (a bit of a stretch as they sell for £3,300).

I work mainly on female vocals, electronic/ambience/shoegaze synthy stuff.

From my research on here it seems to me that I can’t go wrong with KH150 especially if I get the DSP mic to align them, but I’ve read that that will only fix stuff from a very specific listening spot.

KH310 might be too big for my room?

Currently I listen at 1.5m away from my HS7, having them meet at around 50cm behind me.

Room is 4mx5m.

Current treated room attached just in case it helps.



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