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SVS SB-3000 vs Rythmik F12SE vs PSAS2410


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May 23, 2022
Hello gurus. Hoping you can help me make a selection on a new subwoofer. This is the last component to a home theater / audio system I've been building these last 8 months.

System is currently 2 KEF R11s (LR), KEF R2C (C), 2 KEF R3s (Surr. LR), Anthem AVM70, Cambridge Azur 851N, The AR Turntable, Buckeye NC502MP 4Chx350W (LCR), Buckeye NC252MP 6Chx150w (Surr. LR / Atmos (to be added down the road but probably KEF R8a)).

Room is an open living room / kitchen / dining room measuring 16ft(W) x 25ft(L) x 7.5ft(H), so pretty small downstairs listening area. Listening distance is 10-12ft (tower to seated listening position) and 3.5ft (floor to ear) on a ceramic tile floor. Can't do anything larger than ~12 inch drivers due to space limitations.

I know the system may seem overkill but I'm building in the hopes that I'll be in a larger home with more listening space in the future.

I've narrowed it down to three choices: SVS SB-3000, Rythmik F12SE, and PSA S2410 based off my reading here and at AVS.

The system is primarily for music (Floyd, Zeppelin, Petty, Radiohead, Beck, Arcade Fire-type music) so no super beat driven music but it's also my primary home theater system. I'd like to preserve some of the rumble you get in Star Wars-type situations in the scenes where the galactic ships pass over. However, I don't want to sacrifice music quality for tactile response. I live pretty close to the neighbors' houses on all sides so that's a consideration, too.

I don't have the ability to audition any of the three prior to purchase. I'm leaning toward the PSA since it's dual-firing 12s. Steering somewhat clear of ported subs but open to feedback.

Hoping to get something piano black to match the KEFs but not tied to it.

Thoughts, impressions, feelings? Not tied to anything but want to keep the budget below $1,500. Appreciate all feedback.
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