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Sub $4000 Strong 7.2.4 System… Is it possible?!

The volume control on the AVR will work for the whole system. You’ll have to choose where to set the volume on each individual speaker before you run the room correction software, and then don’t change the volume for the individual speakers again after that.
How do you control volume for these active speakers, they have their own built in volume control on the internal amp, correct? When watching a movie, changing the volume on the AVR would control the powered speakers volume output also along with any satellite speakers being run by the internal AVR amps? Or do you need to get up and adjust each powered speaker individually?
To simplify:
For this to work , the AVR must have pre-out. in the Denon this starts with the AVR-3yyy (3400, 3500, 3600, 3700, 3800... etc.) and up. These have Pre -our for each channel. You send that line level signal to the speakers. The overall system volume is controlled by the AVR used in that instance as a Pre/Pro.

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