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SMSL DP5 Music Streamer and DAC Review

Page 37 of the user manual shows an I2S pin function diagram (Normal/Inverted).
I can confirm that the SD-9 I2S pinout matches my Gustard X-16 I2S pin in well enough to sound great. At some point, I will compare the Gustard X-16 diagram with the SMSL SD-9 diagram to see if it is total congruence. Both boxes do offer invert or normal.
I recently bought this and although it says that it supports hard drives of 4tb it stops importing tracks at 30000, this is no use to me if I can't access my whole library, please could someone tell me if they have the same problem so that I know if i have a faulty unit or could you suggest alternatives with the same skill set, something similar to the Cambridge audio cxn v2. Thanks
All product images show model number MX-1 but the listing is for MX-3. Don't know if I would trust them.
I'm in talks now with a view to buying the MX 3a pro, ticks all the boxes for me but going back to the dp5, I bought it specifically because I have a big library of music and it is advertised as being compatible with 4tb hard drives but unfortunately what it doesn't tell you is that it can only import 30,000 tracks, so what's the point of it being compatible with larger hdd, also smsl has said that this is a memory issue and cannot be rectified with a firmware update, just another nail in the coffin for smsl and I'm out of pocket by £500.
The smsl dp5 work perfectly with roon.... i have roon core on Synology DS218+ and my smsl dp5 connected to front usb. Play any lossless uncompressed files from flac to dsf (dsd) :) No need to use lossy compressed Airplay protocol.
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Hello everyone

I am eyeing this product for some time and would like to ask for your opinion.

Did anyone use it with Audirvana Studio via DLNA (frm Mac Book Air) and use it as streamer-dac combo? And if yes, what was the perceived sound quality?

I am looking generally for all in one solution (streamer dac) and only other option in this price range is used CA CXN V1, but I would like to avoid used products.

Other option would be SD9 and SU9 but it cost more as a package.

Thanks ahead
BTW I am glad to see here SMSL-Mandy :)
I hope vendor will pay attention to below problems we had to fix by ourselves.

1) unacceptable channel crosstalk
2) unable to play througth USB connected drive folders. While it works with SD card.
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Whilst I agree that the SMSL DP5 should be better, an RPi4 provides a cheap and easy solution. It's pretty easy to set up and you can stick a DAC hat on it to provide a single box solution.

Regarding "SMSL DP5" vs "RPi4 + HiFi Hat" I have both and compared it

I have compared
" Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 + Hat ES9038Q2M/OPA1612 HiFi DAC + Volumio v2 software community version "
on same input FLAC files, with same amp and same speakers just switching the amp inputs.

I have to say that SMSL DP5 sounds cleaner and more detailed. That is the fact. My wife and children confirmed it in blind test.
Music files in FLAC were stored in a 2 TB USB HDD connected to one of the two USB ports of the router. DLNA is the server, used from a laptop via WI-FI.
I wanted to play Vangelis when I discovered the list halted at M....
Then I found the 10000 limit in the operating manual...that had been updated from 1000; but still wondering if it is Sitecom or DLNA related...
When I explore the files from Windows 10 via the file explorer, only the folders from A to M are listed. If I remove songs from folder C or K or G, then the listing continues till P...where the 10000 limit is reached again.
If I copy folder E, F, G, into C then the listing stops at K, since the 10000 limit is reached there....
On above mentioned forum indexed file number limitation is discovered to be set to 3075 in hex or 12405 in decimal. Here is solution how to sset it to 65535 link https://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=95:609:25#25
I would apperesiate every DP5 owner will write complain about following bugs:
1) player does not play trough USB-disk folders (stops on last folder file and does not move to next folder)
2) unacceptable 10% level of channelcross talk because of enabled Sound Field = 1.5 enhanser in HiByPlayer binary and no this settings in device menu
at below emails and pages:
- official SMSL Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/S.M.S.LOfficiaI/ under every DP5 post
- SMSL reps emails. Here is the list: connieou26 at 163.com; smsl_mandy at 126.com; kelly at smsl-audio.com
- under every SMSL youtube DP5 educational video anounced at this page https://www.smsl-audio.com/portal/news/detail/id/720.html

I am interested in:
- way to run Android HiBy Player app on Win10 Android emulator with bluethooth support to control SMSL DP5 from Win10. Trued one emulator but bluethooth was not working
- it would be good to run web-gui on DP5 to control it in Volumio way. But i thing it is inpossible.

General impression about SMSL DP5 is very positive. I use it mostly by controlling it from Android phone HiBy Music app that connects to DP5 over bluetooth. DP5 plays FLAC files from USB attached 2,5" HDD.
file and tools

if something went wrong ...
Don't be afraid ...
If the flash process fails (for example, due to a power outage during firmware upgrade) and the player doesn't load after changing the firmware do the following:
1. Copy the file (update.upt) of the original (or any correct) firmware to the SD card and install it in DP3.
2. Plug the DP3 into an electrical outlet.
3. Simultaneously press and hold the "Power" and "FN" buttons (on the DP3 face). For DP5 it is POWER + PLAY combination
4. When the screen lights up, the "Power" button must be released (the "FN" button must still be pressed).
5. When the firmware flash process has started, the "FN" button must be released.
Ok, we flashed DP3 without using an interface.
On above mentioned forum indexed file number limitation is discovered to be set to 3075 in hex or 12405 in decimal. Here is solution how to sset it to 65535 link https://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=95:609:25#25
Thank you very much. Very nice of you, twiningstea.
I am not speaking nor reading Russian so far but I very much appreciate your help.
Anyway, I am not using DLNA anymore but WiFi, a laptop, WinAmp with Ajax 3.3, and Ampwifi on Android.
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