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ROLLS HV6 Headphone Volume Control

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Nov 11, 2020
What sort of electronics are in this box? Is it just a pot and some jacks?

Mr Vinyl

Feb 1, 2024
The other unit I use that goes between a MixPre3-II and Apple 3.5mm Headphones (to listen to the other party in a videoconference and to provide simple monitoring to make sure the microphone isn't clipping or there isn't problematic background noise) is this one https://www.amazon.com/Volbox-inline-audio-control-attenuator/dp/B00XDKKQ9E

I selected it over the Koss one as I can pick my own cable length for the input. Also supposedly hand-made made in Canada.

I wish I had sent it in for review - fidelity is not important with this unit, but seeing how poor the ROLLS was, would have been interesting to see how this stacked up.

Agreed that there are better solutions for fidelity and performance (either a powered solution, or the simple 6-level control), in both situations I was trying to keep cable clutter to a minimum and have fine-grained control. Also in my case with the AKAI, the quality of the source is limited, that's why its a shame about the channel-imbalance, since that will definitely impact the listening experience.
I have this very same one, but for listening to music. I have it hooked up to the line outs from the back of a blu-ray player (older models used to have the analog outs) and into the Volbox. I've used an array of headphones and the sound is very pure and clean. Some headphones require more gain, but I never listen to music at insane volumes. IEMs are particularly happy as very minimal gain is required.
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