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Review and Measurements of Oppo UDP-205 UHD Player


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Nov 5, 2017
I replied to Oppo's email asking if I would verify my email address, thus establishing continuing interest in the UDP-205...this occurred in May.
Well, evidently, no $1299 Oppo for me. :(
I have little interest in the current exuberant prices and will exercise patience. My understanding is the UDP-205 is not especially --

wait for it -- rare. :cool:
Just as the sun rises each morning, the Oppo players will be rolled over to Ebay as they are replaced by a new highly desirable toy.

I use my old PAL/NTSC OPPO DV-980H recorder/player for my small number of SACDs. It also does CD, DVD Audio/Video, HDCD, X-vid, Div X, Kodak Picture, DSD, DTS, Dolby Surround EX, 7.1 surround or other if needed.. Lots of inputs and outputs .

A Panasonic PAL/NTSC DMR-BWT760 4K Blue-ray recorder/player for USB, DVD(All regions after post-purchase authorised mod(no charge) by a Panasonic service center), Blue-ray(Region locked) and LAN/WiFi networking server/client.

A Yamaha player for most CD playing.

Nothing special but they cover my needs. A 205 would be nice, even a 105, but I can wait.
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