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Report from "DEUTSCHE HIFI TAGE 2023" with complete Playlist


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Apr 7, 2023
Bonn / Germany
You didn't miss much, but you missed a little!

Everything sounded awful. So I visited not just one or two - I visited three workshops!

After the show was actually over, we listened to the Wilson Audio SashaV in a small circle.
Man, the only speaker I liked!
Unfortunately EUR 59.000,-.
The attached electronics included the DCS Rossini Streamer.
Another EUR 22.500,-.
But it sounded good. The tones were disturbingly pure. Just pure tones.
On the Wilson - quite small, but weighing 111 kg - one noticed that ALL other speakers sounded like cabinets and discolored.
Wilson has the exact opposite approach compared to the idea of resonating cabinet!
But it is one of the very very very few manufacturers who also manages to implement this correctly. One notices that already after 2 seconds of hearing. No discussions.
I am pretty shure that it would sound the same with a Fosi V3 Amp and a little Matrixaudio Streamer for perhaps USD 750,-
But the folks that spend EUR 59.000,-- in a pair of speakers (which is no snakeoil at all) will never spend EUR 113,-- in an amplifier.... or as the audiomasterclass guy with a winking eye humorously said: "What would your friends say? It just doesn´t seam quite right!"

The lecture Dominique Klatte, https://www.dominiqueklatte.de/ a classical / jazz sound engineer, who chatted for an hour "from the sewing box", was ultraultracool.
It was great fun! One has noticed: He is a real master! He understands his craft! Modest and self-critical.
He brought his tapes with him and played the originals for us - on a rather ingenious Manger chain in a beautiful hall!
That was really nice!
There are some fans of the Master-Copy Tapes - One costs about EUR 400,-- or so.....
Dominique Klatte
Something for Amir with his Tape Machine!!!

Charly Oehlrich, the guy who built my dipoles 14 years ago and developed the Audiovolver has used the Corona time to construct a completely new box that Roon users can integrate as an add-on device.
Can then even play analog records with Roon (extra A/D converter required) Also direct connection to ChatGPT ....... You can chat with your record player. Ingenious and very funny guy.
Many more options with rooExtend!!! Funnily enough, Dr. Charly Oehlrich didn't seem any older than he did 14 years ago!



Extend roon with things you love. rooExtend erweitert den Musikserver Roon in den Bereichen Zuspielung, Steuerung und Wiedergabe um vielerlei Funktionen.

Even something for Roon Fans like @amirm: Double Fun with roon for just 400,-- bucks!

Great talk about room acoustics: So Gregor and I also learned a little something....
Malte Ruhnke, ex Editor in chief from my beloved german magazine "stereoplay", now working for Backes & Müller talked about the topic
Problem: room acoustics, solution: loudspeaker selection

Otherwise there was not much interesting. Oh well: Gregor crashed five times during a demonstration of a preamplifier for 25,000 euros. Absolute junk software. He thought it was cringeworthy. Has probably someone something completely immature, broken brought to the fair....
The Englishman who demonstrated it, took it with humor: "It's probably because of the bad music".
It was the Mytek Empire streamer! So go with Matrix Audio!!!!!

By the way.... the first device I saw in the exebition was the brandnew Matrix Audio Mini I-Pro 4 - look at the absolutely incredible specs! Who needs more???? Even a Billionaire doesn´t need more!

mini-i Pro 4 | Music Streamer


New Matrix Audio mini-i 4 and mini-i Pro 4 Streamers.

Not much to say, just that the new mini 4 Series was released today, July 5th of 2023. Roon Ready is still under certification but the specs and new features make this new mini 4 Series the best mini Series so far, and to my point of view, even better than the element i2. Price is cheaper than...

I heared some classical HiRes Music with a EUR 4.299,- Headphone: The Final D 8000. Sounds great - Just as good as my Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee
(https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-headphones) with the Roon Frequency tweakings of Amir.....

Really Nice sound: https://snext-final.com/en/products/

I fell in love with the streamer / Headphone Amp! Some work for Amir - You guys simply have to buy one - send it to @amirm !!!

Gregor often held the cell phone in the air and determined and saved the pieces via ShaZen.

Gregor send me a small list of the music we (he) heard.....

So ... have fun!.........

or as Crinacle says at the end of every of his youtube videos: "Fuck Off"......... ;)

This is the music that was played at the exebition:

Synthetic Dreams Karl Casey
Gotta Love Yulee
Lizard Signals Hampton Solo
The Decisive Night Schtudioton Musical Workshop
Fluir del Alma Marcelo Podmoguilnye
Lost Without You Freya Ridings
Liberty Anette Askvik
Dorian Agnes Obel
Animali In Marcia Gianluigi Trovesi & Gianluigi Trovesi Nonet
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (Live) Sara Bareilles
Skin Jamie Woon
Sweet Dreams Marcin
The Peppery Man Natalie Merchant
Into the Trees (Serenetti, Pt. 3) Trentemöller
Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244, Pt. 2: No. 68, Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder Stuttgart Hymnus Boys Choir, Stuttgarter Kammerorchester & Karl Münchinger
Sympathy for the Devil Hans Theessink
Children's March Over the Hills and Far Away"" The Arts District Chorale, Dallas Wind Symphony & Jerry Junkin
Peter Gunn Theme Henry Mancini
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes (feat. Melissa Etheridge & Joe McBride) Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Eight Days a Week Ringmasters
Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden): Dance of the Tumblers Eiji Oue & Minnesota Orchestra
Concierto de Aranjuez: II. Adagio Marlon Titre, Maddy Aldis-Evans, Antony Hermus & Dessau Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra
My Baby Just Cares for Me Natalie Cole
Millionen Legionen Die Fantastischen Vier
Animales hambrientos Bebe
Anabasis Dead Can Dance
Still Waters Run Deep Carolin No
Run Boy Run Woodkid
Sinfonie No. 7 A-Dur, Op. 92: II. Allegretto Gürzenich Orchester Köln & Markus Stenz




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Apr 7, 2023
Bonn / Germany
No, both of them were not there! As far as I Know NAD uses Hypex Technology in their better and costlier Amps. They are all very very Good.
It was a surprise for me, that a Guy told me that Mitchell is the „Rotel-High-End-Brand“ as Bugatti is for Volkswagen.
You could take a Look inside a Plexiglass Mitchell Amplifier, and it loocked very snakeoilish for me!
The much cheaper Rotel Amps use the better Technology: Hypex / Purify / Eigentakt.
It was Just an Assoziation from me: Somone who likes NAD also likes Rotel……
By the way: I use my NAD 302 since 28 years without any flaws and I really like the Dali Brand and their legendary Testing CDs. In Fact the Surface and the finish of my Ellisaudio 1801b Speaker is looking exactly like the Surface of the nicest Dalis. It was something I found out 10 years ago at another exebition…..
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