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Purchase advice needed: AVR and stereo power amp


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Jun 16, 2020
4K/60 is absolutely fine for me, as long as all HDR modes are supported.
I found in the original documentation, that the X3600H does not support HDR10+ passthrough, but it does support Dolby Vision.
Technically, that seems strange to me, since both do the same thing over HDR10 non-plus... Dynamic metadata.

I was wondering if the X3600H got a firmware upgrade to support HDR10+ passthrough or if it maybe just does it?
Do you know or is there a dedicated X3600H thread I can ask in?
Is Amir's review thread maybe a good place to ask this?
I have an aging 7 year old Marantz, and it does 4k/60 and Dolby Vision just fine. It also does HDR10 via Amazon Prime. Technically that should be HDR10+, but my TV doesn't support that, so it does without the "+".


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Jul 28, 2019
10+ is HDR10 + metadata (croma +luma...) and a good way to make non HDR broadcast (REC 709) HDR like ( EOTF: SMPTE ST 2084) so useful in short. Didn't see Denon among adopters but best place to ask would be a owners thread. Don't know if even now last year's models would have Dolby Vision hi FPS updates but that is how it goes with standards.
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