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Passive soundbar or flat panel speakers surround back channels?


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Nov 21, 2021
As per the title, I'm curious if anyone has tried using a passive soundbar or flat panel speakers for the surround back channels of their AVR, or has thoughts on this?

The reason for considering this is that our sofa is unfortunately (and unavoidably) close to the rear wall (about 1 foot) and so typical bookshelf type boxes wouldn't fit very well.

If the idea doesn't seem too crazy - the next question is which ones measure reasonably well. (Obviously I'm not expecting full range and they would be used with subs). I guess ideally I'd want wide and even dispersion given the position.

I was generally impressed with the Ikea Symfonisk flat panel speaker review and considered trying to hack these by adding an analogue input but didn't take the idea any further yet.
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