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M-Audio BX5 D3 | Active Monitor | Measurements, Teardown & Subjective Impressions


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Nov 6, 2018
Should I prefer this speakers over the MR4?
Assuming that (1) you'd be applying EQ either way and (2) you don't mind the slightly larger size, they do look to be somewhat better, yes. The larger 5" driver (with more amplifier power behind it) has substantially better level handling, and resonances and dispersion are somewhat better controlled as well.

I would look out for some extruded Al heatsink stock (with sizable fins) and thermal adhesive though, the back panel gets mighty toasty and I can't imagine that's doing the electronics much good in the long run. I would expect something around 10 W of idle power consumption per speaker. The Edifiers are likely to be more economic in this regard.

And speaking of power, they are IEC Class II with a 2-prong power plug, so can be used with unbalanced outputs no problem. The M-Audios are more traditional monitors and IEC Class I, so avoiding ground loops will be a major concern if you don't have a balanced output (this may require additional purchases like a Behringer HD400 or making a custom cable or modifying one).
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