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Lyngdorf MXA-8400 Purifi-based 8-channel amp


May 13, 2022
Looks interesting. Sells for 9000€ tho.




Description: 8-channel power amplifier
Power rating: 8 x 400 W @4Ω (2-CHANNEL mode), 8 x 200 W @8Ω (2-CHANNEL mode), 4 x 800 W @8Ω (BRIDGE mode)
Power rating at rated THD: 8 x 340 W @4Ω (2-CHANNEL mode), 8 x 200 W @8Ω (2-CHANNEL mode)
Idle power consumption: 29 W
Standby power consumption: <0.5W
Time to standby mode: 15 minutes (at no input signal, in LOW POWER mode)
Frequency response: ±0.1dB (ref. 20Hz-20kHz)
THD: 0.001% @200 W, 8Ω / 340 W, 4Ω, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.0006% @10 W, 4Ω, 20Hz-20kHz, LOW Sensitivity mode, 0.0007% @10 W, 4Ω, 20Hz-20kHz, HIGH Sensitivity mode
Max output current per channel: 25A
Max output voltage per channel: 58V peak (2-CHANNEL mode), 116V peak (BRIDGE mode))
Gain: HIGH Sensitivity mode: 26.1 dB (2-CHANNEL mode), 31.7 dB (BRIDGE mode), LOW Sensitivity mode: 16.6 dB (2-CHANNEL mode) 22.2 dB (BRIDGE mode)
Signal/noise ratio: 128dB (A-weighted ref. rated power, LOW Sensitivity mode)
Damping factor: >1200 (8 Ω, 20Hz-1kHz)
Input sensitivity: HIGH Sensitivity mode: 2V, LOW Sensitivity mode: 6V
Input impedance: 10 kΩ
Audio inputs: 8 x XLR analog inputs
Audio outputs: 8 x Neutrik speakON
Dimensions (W x H x D): 45 x 14.5 x 34.9 cm / 17.7 x 5.7 x 13.7 inches
Weight: 10.3 kg / 22 lb


Active Member
Jan 5, 2023
Not interesting to me - I already own two Buckeye 4-channel amps that use Hypex NC520MP modules and together they only cost me about 25% of the cost of this amp and also have balanced inputs and SpeakOn outputs, trigger, etc. They only lack the auto-standby feature of the Lyngdorf amp. To me that's not worth an extra 7000 Euros!
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