1. M

    Help me decide what speaker to build :)

    Hi i want to build studio monitors for mixing, mastering and also just listening to music. A few things are already set. They will be 3 way with seperate closed boxes for bass and mid and i will use a hypex fa253 for dsp and amplification. The hypex plates can do fir filters since the latest...
  2. ascilab

    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    We are about to launch a new line of speakers designed using Klippel NFS. The initial lineup is as follows: AsciLab C5B Specification - 2-way Bookshelf Speaker - Dual Passive Radiator - 1" Alumina Ceramic Dome Tweeter with Custom Waveguide and Phase Plug - 5" Alumina Ceramic Woofer - LW 4th...
  3. DTTOM37

    I was visiting the Pure Acourate Sound Project in Germany last month

    Visiting the Pure Acourate Sound Project in Germany - you can do it from Friday, 10th of May @ MHE 2024 -> Hall 3, Box K05 (this is an almost full exerpt (really! ;-) from my blog " Ducktollers Sonic Encounters") - I'll post the photo galleries as extra posts after the two main postings...
  4. daniboun

    "ASH-400 Project" Sylph Audio FB-100 Stereo Module with advanced PFFB

    Hi amigos, I'm coming back to the forefront with a new project. This time I focused on the Sylph Audio FB100 module, based on a TPA3251 and an advanced implementation of the PFFB. Voltage Gain is factory set @ 14dB (5V/V) on this module. So I intended to couple it to my DAC SMSL D6s which has...
  5. mfaughn

    Fosi vs NCore/Purifi: When would there be an audible difference?

    I'm weighing options for which new amplifier(s) to purchase. The budget option is Fosi v3 or ZA3. The more expensive option would be an Ncore/NcoreX/Purifi amp (from Buckeye). Obviously the latter would have more power and is technically superior. It seems that a v3 of a couple of ZA3 should...
  6. daniboun

    "Micro Bamboo Project" : 3E Audio 260-2-29A Stereo amplifier + Micro-Audio PSU

    Hi Amigos ) As promised, I remain faithful to my Diyer position ) After my dual Mono project "Bamboo" I return to the scene with a new project "Micro Bamboo" to pay tribute to Micro Audio and its audiophile grade SMPS630-SO PSU. (46V/13A or 51V/11,5A) Now that we know the measurements of the 3E...
  7. F

    Lyngdorf MXA-8400 Purifi-based 8-channel amp

    Looks interesting. Sells for 9000€ tho. https://lyngdorf.steinwaylyngdorf.com/lyngdorf-mxa-8400/ Specifications Description: 8-channel power amplifier Power rating: 8 x 400 W @4Ω (2-CHANNEL mode), 8 x 200 W @8Ω (2-CHANNEL mode), 4 x 800 W @8Ω (BRIDGE mode) Power rating at rated THD: 8 x 340...
  8. ambd

    Help with Decision: Purifi, Nilai, NC502MP or ?

    Hi, This is my second post in ASR. I appreciate the effort of the community being objective. So, I will try to be as objective as I can be. I may fail though. I would like to buy a class D amplifier to for my stereo system and I need help deciding among the different options: Purifi, NC502...
  9. O

    Apollon Purifi vs Hypex

    Hi all, quick question. I’m looking at two amps from Apollon. The Purifi 1ET7040SA DM Luc Dual Mono Amplifier and the Hypex NCx500 DM Lux Dual Mono Amplifier. The Purifi is power rating is 250/500/950 watts at 8/4/2 ohms. The Hypex power rating is 380/700/700 watts at 8/4/2 ohms. Do people...
  10. Rick Sykora

    FS: Purifi EVAL1 Amplifier (withdrawn)

    Am selling an almost new Purifi EVAL1 amplifier recently built from all new parts including Hypex A400 SMPS. It is in a nice Ghent case with blue front LED and has been measured to validate performance as shown here...
  11. Rick Sykora

    Recent Purifi EVAL1 build

    Having just sold my Buckeye Purifi amp, realized I had all parts available to build an EVAL1 except the case. Had been searching for a case with serious heat sinks but Ghent’s case is nice heavy aluminum and the back is cutout for the EVAL1 with nice silkscreening. I opted for the version with...
  12. O

    WTB Apollon or Nord

    Hey all, I'm in the market for an Apollon or Nord with preferably the Hypex NCx500. I would settle for a Purifi 1ET400A or 1ET7040SA as well. Let me know what you have. I'm US based so the mains voltage will need to be 110-120V. Thanks!
  13. Kal Rubinson

    FOR SALE: NAD M28 7-Channel "Purifi" Power Amplifier.

    Asking $4000 plus shipping (from NYC) and, if relevant, PayPal fee. Local p/u by arrangement. Excellent condition (As-New except for dust). Purchased in August 2020, has worked flawlessly but now surplus to my needs. In original double box and includes accessories: Two detachable AC power cords...
  14. boXem

    (not that much) desperate manufacturer needing your advise

    Dear ASR community, we would like to ask your sincere input to decide what's next for boXem. All the ideas from the poll have a design started (schematics more or less ready) but need time and money to be produced. Since days are only 24 hours, time is somehow limited. Money is mainly needed...
  15. Rick Sykora

    Measuring 2-channel Buckeye Purifi Amplifier Performance

    With Amir busy with house repairs, @Buckeye Amps and I discussed whether I might share some of my efforts to measure his Purifi amplifier as a stop gap until Amir can do so. A couple of disclaimers here as I am NOT an experienced electrical engineer and my QuantAsylum test rig is NOT as capable...
  16. P

    First Impressions of the Magnepan LRS vs. the LRS+

    After months of waiting, I finally received my new LRS+ this week. I had a chance to do some very preliminary listening and testing. These are my subjective opinions and should be taken as such. It would be hard to do a blind test as these speakers sound different enough that you could identify...
  17. K

    Purifi SPK5 Speakers For Sale

    Purifi SPK5 Rare chance to get a pair of these incredible speakers. These are nice condition, original, working perfectly. That have the upgraded crossovers. Collection from OX10, could possibly deliver by arrangement, or if you arrange a packsend service. Open to offers on PX etc. Looking...
  18. thin bLue

    Marchaudio P422 Stereo Power Amplifier Renewed Review

    After massive failure with my previous review(https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/marchaudio-p422-stereo-power-amplifier-review.35969/), I got great technical supports from ASR, Speaker gallery of DC inside, E1DA Discord Channel(@IVX, @staticV3 ) and Marchaudio. (Detail for...
  19. S

    March Audio - 1ET400A - P262 135w vs P422 227w

    Hi All, Bit of a newbie here and a bit confused, and understanding that this might get a bit technical. I am looking at a March Audio. Two options are the P262 and P422, with both, based on photos, running the 1ET400A chip. The 1ET400A is rated at 227w 8 ohm from the manufactuer, and across...
  20. Eric.D

    NEW PURIFI 8'' MWoofer [PTT8.0X04]

    Purifi updated their website, the spec sheet is now downloadable, and the status of this driver is now 'new' instead of 'preview'. Maybe we can see this being tested in the future? @hardisj Imagine a floorstand/big monitor with 2x this and a well-designed tweeter :)
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