purifi amplifier

  1. J

    Purifi VTV Amplifier (Eval-1)

    Hello guys! This is my first post since joining the forum. I was oblivious of the criticism before I purchased my amplifier and making recommended fixes to improve the quality and safety of the product as I am living in Korea and it's hard to make the return. I'm going to follow the...
  2. Class D passion

    Purifi 1ET7040SA by Rouge Audio Design first review i founded

    Hello everybody, finally a review about the new Purifi 1ET7040SA by Rouge Audio Design. The review is without measures but is intersting. Purifi1ET7040SA by Rouge Audio Design what do you think about it? I'm really newby!!
  3. J

    Significant static squelching noise with VTV 1ET400A

    I purchased a VTV Purifi amp in February to add to my office HT. Prior to this amplifier, I used the amps in a Denon 4311ci and I've never had any noise / static issues in the past. All my office equipment is plugged into an APC UPS model BN1500M2 (Amp, Receiver, PC), although only the PC is...
  4. openbaffle3278

    Mivera Audio Puremusic Mk I (iPhone) Purifi 1ET400

    Selling my Mivera Audio PureMusic Mk I. This is the iPhone version that works with Roon. Is based on the well-loved Purifi 1ET400 amp modules that have been measured in various forms on this forum. iPhone stays charged and has been a rock-solid transport with Roon for my main system. I do room...
  5. K

    Purifi vs Hypex vs ICEPower

    Good morning list, I am currently in the process of upgrading my setup and decided to go along the Class D route for the poweramp. The question is which one to choose, as without an ability to listen to each amp and not knowing the differences in sounding between purifi, hypex and icepower...
  6. slurp

    FS: NAD C298 [US]

    Original owner purchased 12/20. Is in like-new condition and has no issues. Asking $2,000 (includes shipping to the contiguous U.S).
  7. wdwrkr

    Apollon Purifi 1ET400A 5 Channel Amplifier

    I am very pleased with the Apollon Purifi 1ET400A 5 channel amplifier that I received a couple of weeks ago. https://www.apollonaudio.com/apollon-pure-5-system-purifi-1et400a-multichannel-amplifier/ My amp is a rack mountable version which does have the on switch up front. See the pictures I...
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