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Jazz ♫ Music only | In the now, or recently, or that you love...


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May 22, 2021
SoCal, Baby!


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Oct 10, 2020
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Have listened to her for many years.

Then it is fitting that I recommend this one. Jan Johansson song with Monica Zetterlund on vocals.:)

She grew up in the same county as me. Well known (in the areas where she lived) even before she became famous, according to my father. She liked men, so to speak. It is clear, it is not possible to get such feelings in her songs as she did from a person who did not live,.. often lived quite a lot so to say.
(nop this is no secret, men and quite a lot of alcohol, well known, so it was)

An incredibly good singer. R.I.P


The hints are hailing. In the pub show where she participated, she played a woman who cleaned the home in this scene. But it is obviously talking about something completely different:

"Do you want something
Then you must not lie down and just stare
Like me
Be alert and awake and keep going
And rub the candlestick, because ooohh
What a little old lady can do

If now's going to happen
Do something
Because you want to
So you get to aim for a brow in the forest
Ooohh, what a little old lady can do
Do you want something
Then you shouldn't lie down and just stare
Like me
Join the swing and then fall asleep
So happy in bed, because oooh
What a little old lady can do"

(polish/rub the candlestick, it's like the hint, the comic...not so difficult to interpret) :)
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