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Hypex Nilai for Marantz Cinema 40 and KEF R11


Dec 25, 2023

I'm a newbie when it comes to external power amplifiers, but I've been reading a lot in the last few weeks. But there are still some open questions.

I dream of driving my two KEF R11 front speakers through two DIY Hypex Nilai 500 W amplifiers.
My Marantz Cinema 40 receiver will continue to be used as a preamplifier with Dirac calibration for the two front speakers. The center and surround speakers should continue to run through the Cinema 40 amplifiers.

Does the expansion with the Nilai amplifiers make sense and will this improve the sound?

Which gain setting must be used with the Nilai?

If I change the volume on the Cinema 40, do the front speakers also become louder? Will the volume of the center and surround speakers still match the volume of the front speakers?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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