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headphones: how and whether to start?



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Jan 12, 2024
I have been exactly in your shoes. Accumulated a lot because each “system” offered something slightly different a long with “collectible” vintage gear.

But then I realized what I should have done all along. I went “all in” on something big and even though all my systems offered something “different” I was able to consolidate my gear.

When you sell your old gear it will hurt due to depreciation. Just think about helping another audio enthusiast get a deal…
Exactly; sometimes I think more about the wrong path than about the component itself.

Apart from the first of, amps, speakers, cables, players, which I would never give away due to a particular affection, I often wonder how I could have started such lopsided audio paths which, with hindsight, objectively turned out to be not very constructive ….very fascinating but not very rational!!

I'll have to decide sooner or later to do some "cleaning"
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