1. A

    Apple Music EQ Presets, What are they doing?

    There has been interest in this thread over what the Apple music EQ presets (on iPhone / iOS) are actually doing, in an effort to use them to correct headphone responses without much inconvenience. To access these settings on your iPhone, you simply go to Settings -> Music -> EQ. The EQ is...
  2. KeithPhantom

    How variable are Audeze headphones in terms of frequency response? How does it affect equalization?

    In my search for great transducers to EQ and enjoy music with, I have found some brands better than others in objective measurements such as frequency response, distortion, resonances, etc. I always found Audeze’s transducers to be extremely good to EQ, even when being open-back. Their only...
  3. L

    One question I am very curious about audiophiles.

    Only one album with countless headphones(with their full potential) OR Only one headphone with countless albums. Which one would you pick?
  4. KeithPhantom

    What are the best/worst driver designs for headphones?

    I have been thinking about headphone drivers/transducers that regardless of frequency response if fixed by EQ (assuming other measurements to be good enough), they became great. One of these examples is the AirPods Max, it is a pretty accomplished driver but its frequency response curve is not...
  5. D

    General EQ advice

    Hey all, longtime reader and first time poster. The objective nature of this forum is refreshing, to say the least. It's also turned me on to the idea of EQ'ing my nearfield monitors and headphones. For now, I haven't attempted to measure or correct room gain or reflections at all. Using...
  6. OctoEmu

    Weighting of Data

    I have been debating on how to weigh the data. I would like to know how the audio science community weighs these categories when determining the performance of headphones. Soundstage Frequency response consistency (changes from reseating on the system. ex: at 20hz, it is .75db higher during...
  7. G

    Upgrade from a Philips Fidelio x1s Headphone to...?

    Hi guys I own a Philips Fidelio x1s. Which upgrade would be interesting in the price range up to $ 500 Would these be good options? Massdrop HD58X Massdrop HD6xx Hifiman HE400
  8. audio_noob_69

    Headphones under 200$/€ - Need Advice

    Dear ASR members, Do you have any good headphones to suggest for music listening that cost under 200$/€ ? So far, I have picked the HD 599 as the most suitable for the job, but I have not made up my mind yet. I plan on using these with my phone & laptop. Thank you for your time.
  9. Neto Rare

    ***SOLD*** Sennheiser HD800S + EXTRAS

    Purchased from an authorized dealer on 12/2020 and its still under warranty w/ original invoice. Condition: It's barely used and still MINT (NO scratches, dings, paint chips). Pads/headband are still fresh as well. No funky odor or grime! Includes: Original box/case, manual, 6.5mm stock cable...
  10. D

    Best Parametric EQ Audio Plugin for Headphone Equalization?

    On windows, the standard for headphone equalization seem to be the combination of Equalizer APO and Peace. On macOS, there is no real standard and the equalization is usually done using an Audio Plugin (AU Plugin) within an plugin hosting software (ex: SoundSource). I've used the AUNBandEQ...
  11. Racheski

    Cleaning Headphones with Air

    I have a fairly powerful air duster that I would like to use to clean my HD800S. Any concerns I should have about doing this? (The device blows air out only). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BI4UQK0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. Z

    Newbie question about Amp/Dac + Headphone combo

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and to the audiophile community and I would like to ask some questions if that's alright with you. I envisage putting a foot into this world and I would like to get some advice from you about a Amp/Dac + Headphone combo. Before I talk about the setup I have in...
  13. S

    Pairing an RME ADI-2 DAC FS w/ separate HP Amp

    Hi ASR Forums! I’m interested in the RME ADI-2 DAC FS and was thinking of purchasing the unit with the hope that in the future if I were to get a pair of headphones which required required additional output beyond what the ADI-2 DAC FS can provide single ended (which I believe is 1.5w @ 32...
  14. SonicallyDeaF

    Upgrade time

    What do you guys think of this combo? Dan Clark Aeon RT Schiit Magnius Schiit Modius I wanted to keep it clean and handsome looking.
  15. Z

    Best portable DAC/Amp for Beyerdynamic Dt770 pro 80 Ohm for my MacBook Pro 2019

    looking for a portable DAC to get the best sound out of my headphones. The volume with the dt-770 pros is currently loud enough for me, I am purely concerned about the sound quality. Listen mainly on Spotify or Youtube times in between. So far I have found the following : - TempoTec Sonata HD...
  16. T

    Strange audio/amp issue?

    Hi all, Fresh to the forums and audio world and would like some assistance of this strange issue. I recently bought a Schiit Asgard 3 straight from the US (I'm from Australia) and are experiencing 2 strange issue. A bit of background of my usual set up: After the first couple of days of...
  17. RickSanchez

    [closed] Announcement: headphone review & measurement index

    [This thread is now closed as the Tableau dashboards are no longer in service. Please refer to the Master Review Index to see the latest information regarding ASR data + dashboards.] Hi everyone. I wanted to let folks know about the new Headphones Review Index. It follows the same core...
  18. BillG

    PSB Aims to Customize Sound with Audio Personalization Company Audio do...

  19. 6speed

    Closed back headphone isolation

    I have been using open back Sennheisers forever, and am now wondering if it's possible to switch to something like the Aeon RT and have someone next to me not hear any music bleeding through. How much isolation do closed back headphones really offer?
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