1. P

    Best sounding closed-back headphone $500-$1,000 for a non-audiophile?

    Hello, I'm hoping I can get some help on choosing a nice pair of headphones. First the disclosure: I'm not even close to being an audiophile. I hardly understand some terms as tight, controlled, fast response, muddy, decay, imaging, DAC, etc. without researching online. My best pair of...
  2. artburda

    Audio for ms teams, zoom etc.

    I tried to use my audio interface with a Rode NT-1 in a shock mount to the side and it worked quite well, but when I have to take notes during a meeting, it would pick up the mouse clicks and typing on the keyboard way too much. I had to constantly mute and unmute the microphone. I got a bit...
  3. T

    HD6XX Cable + Topping L50 E50 stack

    Hi, I have a Topping L50 E50 stack and connect it with TCT1 TRS cable. I also have an HD6XX and this cable came with it: I have a question if one of these wires would give a better audio experience? Thank you
  4. M

    Sub €400 closed-back

    Hi, I am looking for a new pair of headphones. Currently I have the BLAM audio H1, but they are starting to wear out. I am on the fence of buying a pair of AKG K371 or EMU Teak, but I don't want to have a missed opportunity of models i haven't noticed. I do like the sound signature of slightly...
  5. L

    Looking for a sub €500 (wired) closed back pair of headphones.

    Budget: preferably below 500 but I can go slightly over. Source/amp: if an amp is required, I own the zen dac v2 and am looking at buying the zen ifi hip 2. Usage: I would like to use it at the office, on public transport possibly and at home. I know that means basically everywhere, but they...
  6. K

    Recommendation for sub-£200 over-ear headphones for someone stone deaf in one ear (plus mono sound quality)

    I know these are questions that get asked a lot but I'm seeking some knowledge and advice. I'm looking at getting some headphones for music listening and also during calls in the home office. As the office shares a wall with my other-half's study then maybe closed back is a better option as one...
  7. Cuckoo Studio

    DT 900 PRO X Review | These new Beyerdynamic headphones are excellent!

    Welcome to Cuckoo Studio's review. I am Anzol. You will be watching this headphone review from the perspective of a mixing engineer.I have received the Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X headphones from Caleb, appreciate his support of the channel. Let's take a look at how the new Beyerdynamic headphones...
  8. C

    Looking for new headphones.

    Hello everyone. I just joined this forum. I am looking for new headphones for my laptop. Kindly suggest me good brand headphone with better sound quality.
  9. nikson420

    TOPPING DX1 Mini DAC Headphone Amplifier, Xmas Sale. Need help!

    Hello guys, As title say I want to buy DX1 Mini DAC Headphone Amplifier. I am happy with quality but price seems a bit high, what you think guys. Is it good choice and its price to high? Want to buy this one - https://aliexpress.com/e/_DDGTfVp Thanks!
  10. M

    Closed back headphones under $1000 for movies and series

    I'm looking for a pair of over the ear closed back headphones under $1000. I binge watch a lot of movies and series and sometimes listen to music. The source is my PC motherboard's integrated audio but I plan on replacing it with a DAC/Amp. The budget of $1000 is only for the headphones. I...
  11. metasharp

    Best Audiophile Bluetooth headphones Topic

    Hello, I thought it'd be nice to a a summary of the available products and information we have or lack. I didn't mention below headphones that are most certainly not qualified to be the best. If I forgot anything, please mention it. Model (candidates for best) Price (2nd hand) Audio Science...
  12. R

    Best closed back as of 2022?

    What's ASR community's opinion on the best closed back? 1000$+ budget? Great soundstage / great isolation ?
  13. W

    Am I listening to Headphones Correctly?

    DISCLAIMER: I have already posted this on Reddit to r/headphones, but I wanted to get input from this community. Below is my post: So I got into audiophile headphones a a few years ago and now I own too much than any human should own hahaha. I honestly love the way each one presents music...
  14. Matias

    "Sloped neutral" target curves for headphones and IEMs?

    Some days ago I was reading reviews of headphones and IEMs, and their frequency responses compared against a "neutral" target curve, and that got me thinking... Contrary to a "preference" target curve, a "neutral" target curve, as far as I know, is defined by using a head (+torso?) simulator...
  15. A

    Need an upgrade from DT880, wire keeps breaking

    Hi, new here, first post. I have two broken DT880s here, broken mostly due to the fact they can't receive a signal since the wires broke. On one, that jack is broken. On the other, the wire is ripped. I'm absolutely done with headphones without a removable wire or with an impossible-to-repair...
  16. Hephaestus

    Final Audio UX3000 / Surprisingly good ANC cans

    Just discovered relatively new release from Final Audio: UX3000 Final Audio UX3000 @Resolve posted a measurement on Twitter: Price for these is 149Eur. Had to get pair and to my surprise I like these more than Mark Levinson 5909. Lack of an app is the only downside from my point of view...
  17. K

    Suggestion on adding Interface to Schiit Magni/Modi stack

    Hey all, I know there similar thread and seems like selling my magni/modi and just buy MOTU M2 will be good option for me. But I want to double check if there something better or maybe some alternatives and also have couple questions. The main issue: too many boxes on table and too many usb...
  18. D

    Job posting: Electrical Engineer

    Hi Folks, Dan Clark Audio is looking for an electrical engineer with a passion for audio who is willing to suffer through life in San Diego. And yes, we did clear to post this with Amir! Check out the position description. If you're interested and meet the criteria please PM me! Cheers! Dan...
  19. S

    Multiple input Bluetooth mixer, headphone amplifier, microphone amplifier, USB, iphone, Android, computer.

    Not sure what is the best category to post this query. I have a Samsung Android phone, iPhone and laptop. I would like a mixer unit which could connect with all three units simultaneously via Bluetooth or wired connection for processing at least audio output from the three units, but...
  20. I

    SCHiiT Magnius vs dx3pro+

    https://www.schiit.com/products/magnius https://www.amazon.de/Topping-ES9038Q2M-Bluetooth-Decoder-Kopfhörer-Verstärker-Schwarz/dp/B09HBS8SLJ Which of these 2 DACS are better? I have a dt 1770 pro 250 0hm and i will not use the bluetooth feature on dx3 pro+ but i heard from many people that...
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