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Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love


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Sep 6, 2018
Berlin, Germany
Polyrhythmic blast from Manou Gallo (Ivory Coast). Not her best track vocal-wise, but she's a stunning bass player and percussionist, too. Still gives me goose-bumps everytime I play this song and it's one of the songs I often play ten-times in a row, can't get enough of it, the rhythms and the innocent voice sans vibrato.

Another african artist, Oumou Sangaré (Mali). Also quite polyrhythmic, this time with a more hypnotic vibe and the pentatonic main and backing vocal lines (again, no vibratos) got me hooked immediately.

It is not a coincidence that both tracks are in the same key, A minor, which always gives me a special feeling....
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