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DIY balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara


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Jun 26, 2021
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Hello from South Korea. :)
This is my first time writing a thread, although I spent a long long time in ASR already.

I need help on my newly made balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara. This question might sound stupid, but I need proper explanation on this matter.

As known, recent Hifiman headphones use two 3.5mm jacks for their headphone ends. I understand they use Tip as Positive, Sleeve as GND or Negative(when balanced), and leave Ring empty(not in use). Strange that in many cases Sleeve is electrically connected to the chassis of the 3.5 male jack, which is frequently touched by hand. (Attached is the diagrams I got from Hifiman Customer Service)

In unbalanced I guess this is fine because Sleeve connects to GND. But in balanced, Sleeve carries negative signal which (I think) is actual large current, leaving the electrically connected chassis wide open.

Well, I kinda guess this is OK because so many other sellers make the balanced cables for Hifiman this way (using Sleeve as Negative and leave the metal chassis exposed). I am guessing that even if you touch the chassis while music is playing, the resistance of your body is much higher than that of the connectors, hence the current will never flow through your body. (When either you touch one of the connectors or both of the connectors?) This is my wild guess but I couldn't get any confirmation about this on the internet. Strange!

Can anyone confirm this? I made this cable for my wife (who's using Sundara) and I don't want to leave anything uncertain. I need absolute (scientific!) explanation about this.

Thank you in advance. :)


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