1. dpippel

    FOR SALE: 2020 HiFiMan Sundara - Minty

    Selling my lightly used pair of 2020 Sundaras in excellent, like-new condition. I'm the original owner and they come from a smoke-free home. These have been my work desk headphones and I'd say they probably have a total of 200-250 hours on them. They are excellent in every way and include the...
  2. N

    Can I connect my DAC and amp to an audio interface?

    I have a Tempotec Sonata HD Pro used as a DAC paired with a Topping L30 amp, the headphones I use are the Hifiman Sundara. I'm thinking about learning guitar and decided that I want an audio interface, specifically the M-Audio M-Track Solo. Since the M-Track Solo probably won't produce sound...
  3. Rat God

    Amplifier for Hifiman Sundara

    Needs to be shipped from Europe Probably thread #50 on this but all the recommendations are for amplifiers only available in AMERICA. :mad: Living in Denmark I'd have to pay ~50% import tax + fees so anything that isn't shipped from within the EU is out of the question. Can't afford DAC I...
  4. Vik

    Portable DAC for HD600, HD660s or Hifiman Sundara

    Hi all, I need to make a decision soon. I have preliminary bought an Audioquest Dragonfly Black, but need to update it for better audio quality for orchestral music, especially string instruments. I'm using it with HD650, HD600 and DT880 now, but will soon end up with buying Hifiman Sundara...
  5. T

    Current requirements for planars like Sundara

    sorry- I moved this over to the Sundara thread
  6. PDS

    FS: Hifiman Sundara + Schiit Lyr 3

    Last winter I was waiting for a pair of Magnepan LRS speakers to arrive. It ended up taking 5 months....About a month in, I bought a pair of Hifiman Sundara headphones, a Bluejeans custom cable, and a Schiit Lyr 3 tube hybrid dac/pre/headphone amp. I bought all of the items direct from the...
  7. U

    Hifiman Sundara vs Sennheiser HD650 – Is there an ultimate conclusion?

    Hi! I’d like to simply offer my impressions of these headphones if somebody is pondering which to buy or how are they like. Both headphones are well known and widely considered to be the best in their price range, HD650 being a dynamic headphone and Sundara planar magnetic. These technological...
  8. N

    Suggestion for headphones for Schiit Modi 3+ and Magni Heresy

    Hello everyone! I am a complete beginner on this audiophile journey, so any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!. I am a huge fan of the Beatles and classic rock music. To get the best sound of the music I love, I started to find a good (headphones + DAC + amp) setup that I would...
  9. S

    DIY balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara

    Hello from South Korea. :) This is my first time writing a thread, although I spent a long long time in ASR already. I need help on my newly made balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara. This question might sound stupid, but I need proper explanation on this matter. As known, recent...
  10. A

    SOLD: [EU/DE] Hifiman Sundara - Like new - 280€ shipped

    Hi there. Selling the pictured headphones. Last week I bought these Sundara and a pair of Ananda as "open box" to try out. Due to personal preferences (mostly fit) I decided to keep the Ananda and sell the Sundara. They're like new, came actually sealed from the factory. I used them probably...
  11. D

    Stick with Schiit Magnius for single ended headphones or get Schiit Heresy?

    I've posted elsewhere about my new Hifiman Sundara cans, which I really like. I have balanced 3.5mm to 4 pin XLR cable for them, and waiting for Schiit Modius/Magnius stack (they are on backorder until the 31st). I also was able to procure a pair of AKG K712 headphones. Unfortunately, these are...
  12. D

    Sundara, HD660S or Aeon RT?

    I currently have HE400i and T50RP with home done mayflower mod and with the T50RP flat and Amir's EQ on the HE400i, I love them both but especially the 400i. I'm looking at buying something better in the next few months and currently looking at the Sundara, the HD660S and Dan Clark Aeon RT Open...
  13. P

    Topping DX3 Pro or FiiO K5 Pro for my Hifiman Sundaras

    Hello and happy new year! I've got a pair of Sundaras past week and love them. Now i'm using them with Focusrite 2i4. I can't get to decent listening levels without distortion. I prefer DAC + AMP for convenience. These to (topping and FiiO) are my winners for now. I wan't to stay in this price...
  14. P

    Distortion in Hifiman Sundara, not enough amp or driver issue?

    Hello. I'm having an issue with some brand new Hifiman Sundaras. I'm noticiong some distortion in the bass region. Using this tester , starting at 0:40 seconds, i hear some distortion along with the bass sine wave. Testing with a Focusrite 2i4 at max volume, but with YouTube at 45% i dont hear...
  15. Shoaibexpert

    Audio (Single ended, Balanced XLR etc.) cable providers

    Hi, I've been upgrading my audio setup and as I moved along the journey, I've noticed that with the kind of costs balanced XLR cables have... They easily have the potential to cost just about most of the reasonable DAC+AMP Combos themselves... Sometimes more! This is especially true of you have...
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