headphone balance

  1. janny88

    Affordable Audiophile Headphones

    Hello everyone I want to know about the entry-level headphones, and I am looking for the best sound production. I appreciate the suggestion from an experienced members. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. T

    HD6XX Cable + Topping L50 E50 stack

    Hi, I have a Topping L50 E50 stack and connect it with TCT1 TRS cable. I also have an HD6XX and this cable came with it: I have a question if one of these wires would give a better audio experience? Thank you
  3. FirstLegion

    Geshelli Labs Erish2 (E2) Almost Here!

    ERISH2 Product Page As @amirm and others have confirmed, the Archel 2.5 stands as one at the top of the heap for affordable headphone amplifiers. Then came the Erish (which I own)...Geshelli Labs proclaims to be even better. After beta testing the hand soldered Erish2 (E2), (production units...
  4. S

    DIY balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara

    Hello from South Korea. :) This is my first time writing a thread, although I spent a long long time in ASR already. I need help on my newly made balanced headphone cable for Hifiman Sundara. This question might sound stupid, but I need proper explanation on this matter. As known, recent...
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