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Class D integrated amp


May 23, 2023
Columbine Hills, CO
I searched ASR for any review on Aiyima A06 but didn't find anything. I became interested in this amp when it was listed on Wal-mart for $53 new. What really spiked my interest was that it came with Aiyima 36V6A power supply. I like that PS because it's between the 32V and 48V and doesn't heat up the amp, or minimal heat. Aiyima sells the 36V for around $34-35 so I figured I'd pick one up for the PS mainly and get a little amp for $18 and give it to someone who had none. Wal-Mart ships to me in 2 days so easy enough to check it out and it arrived yesterday.

What surprised me is this nice little A06 amp - has tone controls and fixed aux out. It uses TI TDA7498E amplifier chip and it sounds quite nice, have compared it with un-modded A07 on same PS and has a stronger bass output than A07. The tone controls have stepped indents as does the volume knob. Similar to Fosi TB10D with better tone controls and a aux out, and I do like the TB10D a lot. Both have comparable soundstage. With a 36V power unit included, I think it's really good little package.
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