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Can I use EQAPO when I connect the Mini sp to my PC?


Feb 19, 2023
I inquired about this to minidsp, but I haven't received a reply yet.
I have a question for those who use these DSPs (if I had it, I would test it out, but I haven't purchased it yet).
There are a few things I am curious about.
I would appreciate it if anyone with experience and knowledge of this could let me know.

1. What does the Mini sp look like when connected to a PC? Is it displayed as an audio device (like any other typical DAC)?
2. Is it possible to apply EQ, FIR filter, VST plugin, etc. using Equalizer APO on the minidsp marked as a device(Whole Channel-Such As 3Channel(Speaker1, Speaker2, Sub1)?

Of course, I know that I can load basic PEQ and fir filters within the dsp of the minidsp. But I was reluctant because of the tap restriction in the fir filter.
But if what I'm imagining is possible, I try to buy Dsp without hesitation. Of course, I know about Dirac Live and I used it as a trial version. However, I enjoy designing and testing FIR filters myself and I would like to use them like that.(65536~131072taps)

It would be great if what I imagined became a reality.

PC(EqualizerAPO) -- FIR filter or VST plugin load
Minidsp -- Basic IIR PEQ , Delay and Crossover, Gain


Major Contributor
Aug 29, 2019
Could you please send a link to the exact miniDSP model that you're talking about?
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